It’s just the beginning..


Last week was the first week in a while that I stopped going to physical therapy. It seemed that each time I went, it was doing more harm than good. I am aware that I am very unique and simple, traditional forms of therapy won’t work. Unfortunately, after much discussion, it seemed best that I no longer go.

Every time I went, I ended up spending the following 2 days in bed with lots of pain and numbness. I started to get another discomfort where I was getting some odd numbness and tingling down my arm into my elbow. We assumed it was due to the irritation from my muscles being manipulated in PT. I was falling apart and knew I had to change something. I starting looking for at home stretches and movements I could do myself to help my pain.

Since I’ve stopped, the pain in my arm has gone away, the numbness in my legs are less intense, and I am overall feeling better. With the direction of my REAL PT hundreds of miles away, we fixed it. We continually work together along with my husband to get my body strong again.


With that my training suffered. The days I was scheduled to run, I couldn’t because I would have a problem walking, let alone running. It wasn’t going well. It was affecting everything. It’s hard to describe but I was having trouble finding my footing. I couldn’t find the right place to put my feet as I ran forward. Very troubling and got me worried. Since stopping the therapy, I am doing better and have no problem running! I have been able to put some miles on my ASICS with minimal to no discomfort!

Today I had my follow-up appointment with my Orthopedic Doctor. Saying that I was nervous, was an understatement. As I told Alpha, the toughest part is to sit around and wait for the results. Well I have waited almost 2 months, what’s another few hours? I went through all kinds of scenarios in my head, but realized it was useless. Worrying about an outcome doesn’t change anything. It just robs you from enjoying the present.


At the doctors office I sat this morning…waiting…for him to come in the room and let me know what was going on. He comes in and checks my spine again. Asks me how I’ve been feeling since I last saw him. Told him all the things that happened in PT and he quickly said, “Stop going to PT, it’s not helping you.” My spine is not curving at a fast rate where immediate attention needed to be taken. While the curving IS the pain that I have on my upper left side, it is something I can deal with, or have another spinal fusion to get rid of it.

The concern was in my lower back, SI joint, and hips. I have a fusion mass on my sacrum, and my si joints are super weak and deteriorated. Pretty much the whole area on my lower back and hips area are a cause for concern. While he didn’t recommend an entire spine fusion again, he did suggest a lower back fusion with some hip repair. It is not something that needs to be done right away, but I need to start thinking of what I want to do. That is the worst area on my back, aside from my curve on the top

Back view of pelvis, sacrum, and two lumbar vertebrae. Sacroiliac joint is where sacrum meets pelvis. Sacrum is lowest part of spinal column. Ligaments hold sacrum and pelvis together.

I was told to remain active, and to NOT STOP RUNNING! Running is apparently working for me. Being one, if not the most demanding sport on the body, it’s not usually recommended. But being that it’s the only time I am pain free and has NO effect on my spine, he doesn’t want me to stop. He asked me if I was training for anything and I told him that I am REAL close to turning my dream into reality by training for the NYC Marathon. “Wow! Congratulations!” Keep doing what you are doing, he said.


chase them

He told me that if I can handle the pain that it may bring, keep going. Change nothing. My strength, yet again, has proven that I am capable of what life brings. I’m not saying running has saved my life, but it certainly has changed it. Through it I’ve learned that I am strong enough to deal with whatever life may bring and any obstacle before me. Though it will not be easy, I am ready. I have definitely changed in these last months, as I have come to realize many things. I am different, and I feel different.

So happy that there is something such as KT Tape!! It has saved me many, many times. It keeps the swelling down, keeps the pain from flaring, and keeps me running. I use tons of different apps, but it does work and keeps me going. Depending on where my pain is, reflects the application I use for that area.


I will happily continue my training for my dream race and overcome anything that stands in my way. This is my story, this is my journey. I will not give in or give up. This is just the beginning and this is NOT where my story ends. I am a fighter with a racing stripe and I will continue to take on this journey no matter what it takes. Easy it will not be, but I am lucky to have a MASSIVE support group who are there to catch me if I fall. Thank you.

Stick around friends….this is just the beginning to the one of the greatest chapters in my story. =)




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  1. Anna @ Piper's Run Avatar

    We are stronger than we think sometimes. Happy to hear your Dr is encouraging running.

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