The September I LOVE TO RUN challenge!

It’s kind of crazy how fast this year has been going by. We are already in September!?!? And in just TWO MONTHS I will be running the most amazing race ever! Is it weird that I still can’t believe this is all happening? Hotel is booked, flights are done, but I am not sure it hit me yet. NYRR emails arrive all the time and I do get a gut feeling of excitement when they add the countdown!


With all that said, I am entering the longer distances in my training. Last month I did 82 miles. I think that is pretty successful considering what I’m going through. So for September I’ve decided to do a little challenge, just a tiny one…I’m going to do  I love to run 100 MILE CHALLENGE!! Yes that’s right, little ‘ol Scoliosis me is going to attempt to reach 100 miles by the end of September!

f2a1ba5f4ba65fe976aabdff178e9860This is something that I see more attainable now than before. Since I’m training for a marathon, those long distance runs will add up! Being that I am doing longer distances, makes me believe that this is something I can achieve. I know many of you try to hit 100 miles a month but I never do. Since my health is so unpredictable I never tried to reach it. But I am getting close!

They do have an event page on Facebook where you can get all the info and join in on this cool challenge. I love to run also has a 50 miles challenge as well. Check it out! Sign up today and you can get the medal/buckle(yes it’s both in one) a shirt and that awesome “Gone running” sign.


There are tons of people who have joined the challenge and I would love to see YOU there! The group page is great because we can cheer each other one, have support, share the miles, and the smiles! It’s time to gather up your friends and join in on this challenge together!


-the Scoliosis runner

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