Packing my ASICS

Here we are! Days away from the New York City marathon! Months and months of training, and overcoming new obstacles hasn’t been the easiest of roads. But I have managed to stay positive, stay focused, and continue to fight. I can not describe my level of excitement! I have worked REALLY hard to survive training, now it will all carry me through my 26.2 miles … Continue reading Packing my ASICS

The twisted spine explained.

Many people aren’t sure what Scoliosis is all about. I have explained it in the past but have no problem explaining it again. Scoliosis is a curvature in your spine. There are many different kinds of Scoliosis.  It is an abnormal curve of the spine that is often referred to as a deformity. I don’t really like to use that word, but medically I guess … Continue reading The twisted spine explained.

A path with no obstacles, probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

The training for my dream race continues! It has been a little tough at times but nothing I can’t overcome. The weather here in Orlando continues to interfere in my training. Now that I am well into the double digits, I much prefer to run outdoors. We dodged a rain filled tropical storm, and still battling with heat in the low 100s. I had a … Continue reading A path with no obstacles, probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

The September I LOVE TO RUN challenge!

It’s kind of crazy how fast this year has been going by. We are already in September!?!? And in just TWO MONTHS I will be running the most amazing race ever! Is it weird that I still can’t believe this is all happening? Hotel is booked, flights are done, but I am not sure it hit me yet. NYRR emails arrive all the time and … Continue reading The September I LOVE TO RUN challenge!