Packing my ASICS

Here we are! Days away from the New York City marathon! Months and months of training, and overcoming new obstacles hasn’t been the easiest of roads. But I have managed to stay positive, stay focused, and continue to fight. I can not describe my level of excitement! I have worked REALLY hard to survive training, now it will all carry me through my 26.2 miles dream. I may not be in the best condition to run these miles, but I will give it all I have. And I believe that between myself, those infamous spectators, and the city of New York, I will arrive at that finish line.


I am honored and grateful to be running this race, representing ASICS. They are an amazing brand to work with. Besides having the most incredible pairs of shoes, their clothes is comfortable. Not only that, but they support everyone! It truly is amazing to run with them, and to also have been brought on as an ASICS ambassador. The rest of my New York City marathon teammates are so inspiring and special! After working with them for months, I will finally meet them all tomorrow! Make sure you follow us so you don’t miss anything! We have a lot of events planned and want you all to be included! We will be posting shenanigans and running fun as we arrive in New York City!

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I will be doing most of my posts via twitter, and instagram. Make sure you follow! You all have been following along with me on my journey and I would hate for you all to miss the big day.

Well, I must let you go, as I must finish packing my stuff for the race, look out New York..the twisted princess is on her way!

-the Scoliosis runner

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