You’ve got questions, we’ll give you answers!

So there are a few things I wanted to share with you all….first, you already know I am running the NYC marathon right? Did you know that I am also on teamASICS for the race as well?!?! I doubt that you have missed any of my posts on my social media 😉

Anyhow, we have been keeping you all up to date on how our training is going for the race. Last week we shared our must haves, favorites, and gear we cannot run without. Hopefully you saw it, but if you didn’t…. 

Now for our next webisode, we want to hear from YOU! Yes YOU!!! Ask us a question and we will answer some of them for our next video! Do you have a question about shoes? training? fuel? Ask! There are a few ways you shoot your questions over to ASICS, you can tweet them, with #TeamASICSNYCM

You can also post your questions on their Facebook and instagram for your questions to be featured. But please feel free to post ANY questions here and on my Facebook. I would LOVE to hear what kind of questions you all have.

On another note….where are all my New York City Marathon runners at!?!?!? Did you all see the ASICS
2015 New York City Marathon line!?!? I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight!


These shoes are all awesome! I love how ASICS captured the streets of NYC. You know how much I love colors so these are right up my alley. Take a moment and check them out. I’m pretty sure they’ll sell out. These are too fun to miss! I am just LOVING the GEL-KAYANO 22!!!!! Which are your favorite???

Women's Gel-QUANTUM 360 NYC
Women’s Gel-QUANTUM 360 NYC

Don’t forget to post your questions!!! We want to hear from you, so tweet them to ASICS on twitter!


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