20K Challenge! Are you in??

Here is another fun race that I am looking forward to! I haven’t done a challenge like this, but you know me, I’m always up for it. This one is the Run Nona 5K/15K and 20K Challenge. It’s going to be on Saturday, November 21 with the 5K starting at 3:15 p.m. I haven’t done a race in the middle of the race so this should be interesting.

Click here for more info
Click here for more info

I am happy to say that I will be running this race, with Alpha, representing Florida Dairy Farmers! Sounds familiar right. This will be the 3rd race that I will run a race as a part of their team! I’ve done 2 half marathons as a part of their team and it’s been such an amazing time and opportunity to run with them!

Just a quick little information on the benefits for drinking chocolate milk after a run:


Florida Dairy Farmers are one of the sponsors of Run Nona, with that said, they are sponsoring the first ever 20-K Challenge! It’s a challenge where runners would take part in the 5K, and the 15K to complete the 20K. The reward for running the miles…an inaugural Florida Dairy Farmers 20K medal! Runners who do the 15K, will already be getting a finisher medal, but if you run the 20K challenge, then you’ll earn 2 medals total!

The finisher medal for Florida Dairy Farmers 20K Chocolate milk challenge.
The finisher medal for Florida Dairy Farmers 20K Chocolate milk challenge.

Another GREAT part of being a part of this race, you’ll get chocolate milk at the finish! Florida Dairy Farmers always brings chocolate milk for runners to sample, rehydrate and restore lost nutrients while running. Florida Dairy Farmers is Florida’s milk promotion organization, representing more than 130 Florida dairy farmers who work every day to provide a steady supply of fresh milk.

So why don’t you join me, and hundreds of other runners for this race and get this awesome medal?!? The race take place as the sun sets so I doubt it would be too hot. It’s November and the heat isn’t as strong as a few months ago. Sign up and get ready to run this course!


Make sure you sign up for the 20K Challenge so you get the special challenge race bib. Click here to register for the race. Or you can do the 5K and enjoy the 3.1 miles course. Walkers welcome =) But I’d love to see those 20K challenge racers!!! I hope to see you there, and make sure you say hello!

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4 responses to “20K Challenge! Are you in??”

  1. Heather Hem Avatar
    Heather Hem

    Are you ready after NYC??? Stay strong lady but don’t hurt yourself. Glad to hear Alpha will be along.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      I’ll be good. Won’t be a record breaking performance, but just what I need. Hoping tomorrow I will be able to get some mileage in.

  2. laufvergnügen Avatar

    At first, I thought this was a beer run-esque race in which you drank milk during the race and was like, omg that’s insane! Lol

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      haha that would be interesting to see LOL

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