BUILD IT with chocolate milk

Here we go! The night before half marathon #8! This one is one of my favorites, it’s the OUC Orlando Half Marathon by Track Shack. I am happy to say for a 3rd year in a row, I will be mooooving my feet to the finish line representing Florida Dairy Farmers! I just LOVE running with this team for many reasons. One to represent the cows, and two, because of the greatest team leader, Brittny!

And yes, I do love myself a BIG cold glass of chocolate milk after finishing! Do you drink chocolate milk? There is a lot of benefits to drinking chocolate milk as your recovery drink:


Protein in Chocolate Milk Helps Build Lean Muscle

This race is usually my PR race, but not this year. My twisted spine has really been pissed off at me lately, forcing my ribs to be on the move. I will run it to my best ability, but I am also realistic in knowing that my time won’t be like my past. I am determined to not let these recent set backs kill my vibe though.


I fully intend to have fun, enjoy the team, and get that cold chocolate milk post race! I will also be running it with Alpha and he will be by my side, in case I have an emergency. I’m looking for a fun race and my goal is to cross the finish line!

Here’s to another race with the greatest team! 20151204_173035

Can’t wait to run through the streets of my favorite town, my hometown, my happy place. Lots of music, fun people cheering and lots of smiles!!!



-the Scoliosis runner



4 responses to “BUILD IT with chocolate milk”

  1. Heather Hem Avatar
    Heather Hem

    Very cool! Have fun and stay safe! and yes Love chocolate milk

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you Heather!

  2. Britt Avatar

    So cool!!Hope your back feels better soon! I’m sure you will do great and have lots of fun. I love chocolate milk for recovery or just because.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you!

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