I hope you do your best to better your best. ASICS does and they has some GREAT stuff going on for the holidays. For 12 days they will have special items on sale. I have been sharing the special item of the day on twitter each day.

It has been going on and the items have been fantastic! I had to jump in and take advantage of it. You never know what gear it will be until the day arrives, so it’s kind of fun. It’s almost like opening up a gift.

One of the cool things about it is that it’s ALL great stuff for runners! From the jackets, shoes, to the tights. Oh my!

Have you taken advantage of the first few days:


ASICS is posting it on FB and twitter each day. Take a moment and check it out. You could totally benefit from this 12 day sale. The shoes, well you know how I feel about them ;). The clothes is awesome.

Lately, I haven’t been able to fit into clothes properly anymore, so finding a shirt that won’t tug towards my back hump is tough. ASICS has gotten that covered! The shirts are light, soft and comfy. Totally love them, I should’ve gotten more.

1449694252118 (1)

Today’s BESTivus item are tights that I also own. Super comfortable and light. You can find them and other great gear here.


Follow ASICS on Facebook or twitter to get the BESTivus of the day. You can also check on the website for other sales gear.

PPssstt……do it before it’s too late!






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