PYRKIA: to strive, endeavor


I think I have found the coolest arm candy for runners and anyone who loves to get your sweat on! PYRKIA! It’s a VERY unique, all-weather, all-activity silicone jewelry. It comes in a variety of colors and they are pretty awesome! I have been wearing them for a bit now and  to be honest with you, I forget I am wearing them. That is how comfortable they are.

While PYRKIA is just starting up, they are off to a GREAT big start, with lots of options to choose from. They have sent me a bracelet, which come in lots of fun, funky colors(RAGNAR edition included) They wrap around your wrist and tuck inside safety bands and click onto magnets! Super cool concepts that does not slip, get caught on anything or come off.

PYRKIA silicone bracelet

I wear lots of bracelets when I run because they each hold a special meaning. They get me through the tough runs. Most of my bracelets have been gifts but some of them I can’t wear running because I sweat and they get ruined. These PYRKIA wrap bracelets can get wet with no problem and I just LOVE that I can wear them and that they wrap around and give you a touch a style to your run!

They also carry wedding bands!!!! I was so thrilled so find this out because I am sure I am not the only one who has a hand swelling problem while running. While I’d like to run with my wedding ring, sometimes I can’t. Or I end up taking it off and putting it on my necklace and then I run worried, hoping my necklace doesn’t break. Does that happen to you?

Well with PYRKIA, problem solved! They also carry silicone wedding bands and Alpha and I were sent a pair of matching wedding bands and we immediately fell in love! They are SUPER comfortable that we forgot we had it on. I haven’t even taken it off it and I got it days ago. I love it because it is light, it’s not tight, and even thought I sweat it doesn’t itch or bother me. Same thing with the bracelet. No discomfort whatsoever. I like the fact that I can still wear a wedding band of some sort without wearing my diamond wedding band and not have to worry about it. I wear my silicone band and when my hand swells, my new band adjusts to it and it doesn’t bother me!

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If you are looking for a unique gift, or want to surprise your husband or wife, check them out. They do have tons of styles and colors to choose from.  I will be getting more of their colorful wrap bracelets. I just had to share this new little company with you. They were too good to keep to myself. Now go give them a look here.








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