Summer running tips

The summer is off to an unforgiving start. To say it has been brutal is an understatement, at least here in Orlando. I know many of you have already been out there braving the heat and getting out there and doing your miles. So being that I am used to running in ridiculous heat and out of this world humidity, I thought I’d share my tips for running in those conditions.

1.- Run early. During the summer, it is the coolest, calmest time of the day. Get out there before the sun does, or rise with the sun and deal with the least amount of heat as possible.


2.- Light and Loose. Wear loose, light-colored clothing. Make sure its moisture wicking. It will stay drier better than other fabrics, and the looser it is the better. Especially if by any miracle a breeze blows by 😉

3.- Screen protection. Wearing sun screen is VERY important. Protect your skin from those nasty UV rays, even when its cloudy! Besides, getting an uncomfortable sunburn, won’t be fun.


4.- Slow and steady. When the heat is at its worst, sometimes you must adjust your pace. It’s tough to run at your “normal” fast pace when the temps are at 102 and the humidity is at 100%. Especially if you aren’t used to it.Dropping down your pace on those brutal days could make it manageable to get by. If you don’t want to slow down too much, just drop it down a bit until you adjust to the summer conditions.

5.- Run by water. If you have the chance, run by a lake, river or the ocean. Even though the temps might be the same, it does tend to feel cooler near the water. And a huge plus, if there is a breeze coming off the water it will be cooler!

6.-Watch your medications. If you take medications, make sure you check the labels. Some medications are affected by sunlight, and some increase a sensitivity to sunlight.


7.- Know the signs. Dehydration is a serious thing that happens to many runners. Dehydration happens when your body lacks fluids. It can happen when you lose too much through sweating and you don’t take the time to rehydrate. It starts to cause muscle cramps, feel faint, nausea, and lightheadedness. Make sure you see it!

8.- Expectations. Don’t beat yourself up if your performance isn’t what is usually is. This summer has been out of control, and making it really tough to train, let alone race. So if your time isn’t what it is, don’t be down and out. If you gave it your all, and pushed beyond your limits, then that’s what you should be proud of. There will always be another race to try.


9.- Run inside. Summer time brings heat duh, and it also brings rains and storms. I actually enjoy running in the rain. It’s fun, its relaxing, and cooling. But there are days where if you must run, then it’s best you run indoors. Crank up that treadmill and sweat indoors.

10.- HYDRATE! The most important tip I can give you is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You should always hydrate while running, but while out in the heat, you are sweating more. Thus needing more water/electrolytes. Keep your fluids levels high(without overhydrating) drinking about 8oz every hour. Stop at every water fountain and moisten your mouth and drink water. It will prevent your muscles from cramping and keep you running efficiently.

Use these summer running tips and you’ll survive the summer of 2016. Most of you have already been kicking some serious butt this season, hope these tips help improve your training. =)





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  1. Jess@Run Pink! Avatar

    Excellent tips!! Especially the sunscreen. I’m bad to forget that part and then end up sunburned which increases dehydration risk…oy! I must get with the program.

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