RunnerBox for the rising stars


What is RunnerBox?

Besides being one of my FAVORITE runner must haves, it is a box that gets delivered right to your door. It’s a bi-monthly box FILLED with the latest, runner favorites, past favorites, everything you’d need to have a successful run. RunnerBox does the work for you, and by that I mean they find which products are working best and send them to YOU! Not only do you get to try them, but they also send you coupons and discount codes to get yourself some more!

The people behind RunnerBox are always up to something. They are always trying to find the best products for you, and the most effective and beneficial nutrition. The latest and great idea, was creating a kid’s edition RunnerBox! I tell you, my son LOVES getting things in the mail. Being that he is also a runner, getting a box full of goodies for him to try on his runs made him so excited and actually motivated him to get out there.

You can subscribe to RunnerBox and receive them bi-monthly, you can create your own, or you can send one as a gift! They also have limited edition boxes that are brilliant. I’ve always recommending these boxes when someone asks for gift recommendations. I know you want to celebrate a marathon finish, or a half marathon PR or just show your favorite runner how proud you are of them, this is a great way to do so.

The kid’s edition is packed with kid’s favorites. There are lots in the box that my son loves. There are also lights to add to the shoes and a reflective band for them to wear in case they are running in the dark. I mean RunnerBox covers everything.


I must mention that they also have boxes for triathletes and for cyclists. Maybe it’s time you should head over and check out what they have and what they can do?? Click here to go directly to them. Now before you fall in love with anything, let me share my discount code with you so you can use it when you check out, because you will fall in love with it. Feel free to use the discount code: RURUNRB. =)

I receive the boxes bi-monthly and have found my must have favorites through my RunnerBox. Thanks to them, they have made things easier for me. I don’t have to go to the store and try all the nutrition and gadgets and such to see what works for me. Besides, those signature motivational quotes REALLY do help. It’s a great way to use as a running mantra for the month 😉









2 responses to “RunnerBox for the rising stars”

  1. Anna @ Piper's Run Avatar

    That’s quiet the box of stuff!!!

  2. playgoodr Avatar

    Great Runner box, hope it will help runners a lot.

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