I’ve always been UNSTOPPABLE

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write you all a little note and APOLOGIZE for being MIA. I’ve been dealing with something pretty major with my health and it has been very detrimental. I’ve been in a great battle again my brain disease and my Scoliosis.

As far as my health is concerned, I WILL run as soon as I feel strong enough to do so. Having chronic pain causes several obstacles to appear but I have ALWAYS overcome them. This one, next to my Scoliosis, has been the worst one. While I don’t want to do into details as to what happened, it was a MAJOR neurological scare where we thought I’d have permanent damage to my brain.

I suffered a severe set back recently and I have improved every little if any. But I am working alongside a handful of doctors to overcome this which you all know I will. But I wanted you all to know that I am still here! I haven’t forgotten about you all. And I apologize to those who have sent me emails and messages and I haven’t responded as my energy levels are low.

And of course, to anyone looking for some quick motivation, know this: You ARE stronger than anything trying to break you. We are struggle with our own battles, but how we handles them is what makes us strong. My advice to you: NEVER. GIVE. UP.

There are days where it gets tough, nearly impossible. But it’s not. Stay positive. Stay strong and keep pushing forward. Even if there seems to be no end in sight to your pain, there is. Just hang on.

“Nothing is impossible.”

nothing is impossible 3

I will overcome.

Trust me.


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