What does running mean to YOU?

Global running day is just a few days away. The day where runners ALL OVER THE WORLD unite and take over the streets, the trails, and claim them. It’s a pretty powerful movement and very inspiring to see runners everywhere of all speeds, ages, types, even breeds!


First off…do you know what Global Running Day is? It is a day for people ALL over the world to share their LOVE for running and celebrate it for a day. You can run it with a group of friends or enjoy it with a solo run. Either way you are celebrating your passion for running and the joy it brings you while at the same time inspiring others to get moving too. This year Global running day falls on June 7, 2017.

What does running mean to YOU?

To me, it means being unstoppable. So many times throughout my life I have been told that I can’t do this and I can’t do that, and running was always on the top of the list. So when I am running, I feel limitless, I feel like I am flying and I feel like no one can stop me. Even if my illnesses may get a little painful at times, sometimes too painful, I try again the next day or the next chance I get. Sometimes running does aggravate it but those minutes, or that hour is worth it to me. Some might not understand why I put myself through all of this, but if you were in my shoes, you’d get it. It’s a constant 24/7 pain, but when I run, it goes away for a few minutes and I am happy for those few minutes I feel free and unstoppable. THAT is why I run and why I do it.


I will be celebrating Global running day with Track Shack. They ALWAYS set up GREAT events and the little man and I had so much fun last year that we have to go back this year. They have a nice little trail near their store so we just lace up, meet up, and run. It’s the best way the celebrate the joy of running because the owners and employees of the store are like family. They love running just as much as everyone else and are warm and friendly. ❤ I love the Track Shack team!

2015 mwr
Track Shack Course map 

I hope you all can get out there and celebrate, even if it’s just for a little walk or playing a running game in the backyard with your little ones.

Happy running!








One response to “What does running mean to YOU?”

  1. C. P. Avatar

    Yeah! Let’s Run!! I’m planning a 2miles run. A distance that I don’t run in almost 2years.

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