Running the sweet life.

So fall is literally around the corner, which makes me happy for MANY reasons. One of the reasons is because I get to see the trails I run on change. Yes it isn’t as dramatic as in New York maybe, but the leaves do fall and change colors. I do love LOVE a good scenic route.

But it will also bring cooler weather, or at least here’s hoping! So that means lots and lots of running outside! Fall is my favorite season of the year if you haven’t noticed. But with that too, brings more time in the sun. And with one of my conditions, aka my brain disease the sun affects me.

I always have to run with either a hat, sunglasses or both because I will get an instant headache or migraine and I start to go blind in one eye. It happens every single time and it’s pretty quickly. I do run with my medication in my pouch just in cause of emergency.

But sometimes hats get blown away and I rather just run with sunglasses and I’ve had trouble looking for the perfect pair. But I think I just found the SWEETEST pair of sunglasses ever! They are the Nectar sunglasses and are incredibly amazing!!

Nectar Sunglasses. Women’s CAKE and ALPINE model shown

I had the chance to try them out here in sunny Orlando and they do their job. They DO NOT, I repeat, they do no slip, move, budge, bounce, shake, shimmy, or dance on my face. On one occasion, I went out for a run just after it had finished raining so the humidity was out of control and my face was sweating like crazy and nothing. They stayed still. I tried the polarized Alpine and Cake.

Click here to see their collection.

I love them and I dig what the company is all about and what they do besides sell some awesome sunnies! They have  partnered with The Bee Cause to repopulate honeybees across the United States and with each purchase, they donate a portion of the profits to the cause. Cool right?!?!? Click here for more info.

So if you are ever in need or searching for some GOOD sunglasses to run in, these are the sunglasses you are looking for. I am looking forward to lots of long runs in mine! Go check out their site to see their array of options!








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