Thanks for the lessons 2017

Another year is going, going gone. And I am not sad to see it go. 2017 gave me a shitload of challenges. And yes, they are continuing and probably the only thing I will carry on into the new year. Unfortunately my declining health is the ongoing problem I will always carry onto the new year for the rest of my life but each year teaches me new strengths and shows me that I can handle it.


I did have a lot of memorable moments and had lots of memorable races this year. One that sticks out the most is my incredible PR of over 12 minutes for a half marathon! I never focus on time and I never go for time when I run a race but I had realized it after the fact when I saw my watch and my finish time!. It was at the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. I did the Dark Side Challenge which includes the 10K and Half marathon. But this year was extra special because runDisney made me a featured cover runner and had my entire half marathon run filmed! It was so incredible! I felt like an Olympian for a second, just obvious not that fast LOL.


Photo taken from runDisney video =)

As far as what the monarch butterfly wings….they symbolize my mom. She passed away a day after Christmas last year and we had this thing with monarch butterflies and that was a way for me to keep her with me. ❤ That race was probably the funnest and most symbolic. Thank you runDisney.

Now as I plan for the year ahead….for once…I am actually not planning this time, I am going to just “wing” it. With the way my life has been and how everything else is going, I am going to just live in the NOW. That is my only plan I guess if I have one. I had a major scare this year and while my life isn’t the easiest to be in, it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun either. So I try my best to enjoy it and embrace to big, little, and everything I get.

I have cried this year more than I’d like to, but I’ve also seen that I have more strength than I thought. And just when I think I don’t have anymore to give, my amazing friends give me all they have of theirs. I’ve learned a lot from them too and who gave me their arm when mine( stroke affected arm) wasn’t working. They have stuck with me through thick and thin and have made me so honored to called them my friends.

The Runner Unleashed support crew! Some other inspiring bloggers and runners you know! 😉

And of course I would be NO WHERE if it wasn’t for the most incredible person in the universe. The one person who believes in me most and the one who watches over me when I have a seizures. The one who literally picks me up when I fall, the most patient person I have EVER met and the one who took the vows “in sickness and in health” extremely serious, my husband. He is the one who gives me the most strength, the most love and the unconditional support someone with chronic illness could ask for. It isn’t easy and the only thing we ask for is support and boy is that man good at it!


And of course I can’t leave without mentioning my little 4 legged friend who watches over me as well. My Lyssa! Our adopted Doberman turned my medical alert dog! She has been an incredible life saver….literally. She has saved my life quiet a few times and I am sure will continue to do so. She alerts me to my seizures, migraines and headaches. She also can detect my flare ups. She has been such an amazing girl and a great addition to out family. She does run with me and loves to play with toys. I cannot imagine not having her.


OK! Enough sappy crap! I am ready for 2017 to end and I am ready for whatever 2018 has in store! I know it won’t be easy and I know I have challenges and obstacles ahead but I am always prepared and I am going to take it day by day. Enjoy life by the moment. Don’t worry about whats going to happen next, tomorrow, or next week. Enjoy the now, because you might not get to tomorrow!

So for now, I say bye to you all and see you next year! Wishing you all prosperity and keep chasing that dream! And if you have a dream you want to chase but are too afraid….NOW is the time to do so!!!

Here’s to 2018



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