Being comfortable while being uncomfortable.

Fibromyalgia is a disease no one prepares you for. It’s something that no one can teach you to be ready or even help you at times. It is different for everyone and we all have different symptoms. They range from joint pain, brain fog, migraines, nausea, fatigue, and anxiety…just to name a few. But again everyone experiences different symptoms at different levels.

As for me, I have a really bad case of Fibromyalgia according to my doctors. When I get a flare up, it gets real bad. Like REAL bad. One of the weirdest symptoms that I get is that nothing can touch my skin. With my Fibro flaring up, it already feels like my skin is on fire, and with anything so much as touching my skin, it just further aggravates that feeling. The worst feeling is a shower. The water hitting my skin is like knives hitting my skin and the pain is bad enough to make me cry and I can handle pain so if I cry, then it’s bad.

Finding comfortable clothing is difficult during these times because it also hurts my skin. But luckily I have found one! And I want to share it with you because I want to share anything that I find that eases my pain days with you all. RAW THREADS is my go to. I believe that the bamboo the company uses is the secret weapon to comfort. And the shirts are four-way stretchable. They are so light it does feel like you aren’t wearing anything so to those who are dealing with the same problem I am, I recommend you take a look at Raw Threads. They have several different kinds of tops and bottoms to choose from and it is the FIRST thing I reach for when I have a Fibromyalgia flare up.

They also have empowering and inspirational tops that will lift you up on your bad days, and cute, funny stuff to keep you going on your good days. I am so grateful that I tried their tops looking for something comfortable to make my flare up days more bearable. I know us chronic, invisible illness fighters are always looking for something to help make our days easier and I believe this is one way to help us smile a bit.

Along with that, I also use PRO COMPRESSION socks. When I have flare up days, my legs tend to feel weird. They feel heavy, sluggish, and swollen. While most Fibro fighters can’t stand compression nothings, I find relief in these compression socks. Since I spend most of my time in bed anyhow, they keep my blood circulating in my legs and eases the pain.

Along with an Epsom salt bath and my medication, Raw Threads and PRO Compression is what I use to battle again my Fibromyalgia. So far it has been working to keep me going, and when it’s too bad and keeps me in bed where I can’t even get in the tub, the shirts and the socks keep me comfortable enough.



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