A hydration vest for all runners

There are so many things for runners out there and companies are doing their best to make their runners run as comfortably as possible. Because let’s face it, running double digits for hours on end, just for fun….we are going to NEED comfort.

Luckily, I was recently given the chance to review one of the most popular hydration vest out on the market. Orange Mud provided me the vest to take out for a few runs to see how I like it.

First off, on my longer runs/races I have Vega in a collapsible bottle and I don’t like running with anything in my hands. Especially now that I had my stroke and I’ve lost the use of one hand while I run, I rather have that one hand free. So I was pretty excited to try the Orange Mud Gear Vest.

I was a little concerned because it was one size fits all, and my Scoliosis comes with a protruding hump, and a shoulder higher than the other. But I tried on the vest without any fluids in it to adjust the straps and it fit OK. It didn’t feel uncomfortable and I was relieved! Because this vest has adjustable straps along the sides not the top because on the top it has shoulder pockets for nutrition gels or bars which is excellent!!! And it also has 2 front pockets to fit 600ml flask and a phone.

Click here for more information on the Orange Mud vests

It comes with a 1L bladder and the weight without the bladder is 8.9oz. This vest is perfectly designed for runners, ultra runners, cyclists, triathletes, hikers, skiers, and more. It is SUPER easy to use and clean. And one of the “coolest” parts, I filled it was cold water and when I put the vest on, it kept my back cool. See what I did there. Hahaha Oh me.

OK enough laughter, back to the vest. I am a tiny person, I am barely 5’2 weighing 105lbs so I really had to pull on the straps to make it snug. And while it was snug on one side, it was a hair loose on the other because of my hump so I was afraid it was going to start shaking and moving around once I took off running. And since I had to tighten the straps so tight, they were hanging low but I just tucked them into the back and they were never a problem.


They suggest cutting the hose to the bladder, but mine felt comfortable how it was so I didn’t find the need to, again maybe since it had to go around my hump that the extra length made up for it. Plus it was easier to shut on and off to drink since I can’t always raise my bad arm.

I am happy with this vest! It did shift a tiny bit for me, but nothing too dramatic that will keep me from wearing it again. If you are looking for a hydration vest, this is one! I would absolutely recommend. Now I am glad I can run without having to carry anything in my hands! Living in Orlando it does get super hot and humid so my back sweats like crazy, but the vest doesn’t make it worse.

This vest was definitely designed with athletes in mind. The way we move, think, and what we need. Go check out Orange Mud and see what else GREAT things they have!







One response to “A hydration vest for all runners”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    You really are the most beautiful woman and every word of yours which I read makes me want you to succeed in your multiple battles with your body. I had no idea that you’d had a stroke; of all the people in the world, you didn’t need that extra burden. I wish you so well, and hope your body will be kinder to you in the future.
    With all our love from England, Jeremy.

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