Comfort in bed

So we all know that Fibromyalgia is not fun at all. I talk about it a lot and try to create as much awareness as I can because there is no cure and it makes sense since everyone who suffers from Fibro, has different symptoms. There are no two cases alike so it’s tough to pinpoint exactly how and why it happens.

As far as me….I suffer from lots of different symptoms. One of the worst, if not THE worst is my skin. It becomes super sensitive and everything that brushes up against it hurts like hell!!!! That includes my clothes, my bed sheets, my own arms, water, ANYTHING! So of course finding the right clothing has been tough. But being in the running community I found Raw Threads. Which I already talk about ALL the time on Instagram. But I can’t help it. LOL It’s just so comfortable! Not just for my Fibromyalgia, but for running too! I’ve done races and training in their tanks and boy are they the best!

Both tanks from Raw Threads. Click HERE to see them all!

Like their racers, shirts, capris, skirts, hoodies, aren’t enough, they made my world a bit more sweeter! They have a bed sheet which I promptly purchased! And to top it off, it is on sale right now!!! I was so happy you don’t understand! Besides finding clothes to be comfortable in, I have trouble finding bed sheets that I can sleep in and now I can!!! I am super happy!

It’s a bamboo jersey sheet and it comes in several different beautiful colors. But I picked grey, if you all know me and have seen my closet, all you see is black, white, and grey. LOL. But it is super soft and it came at the perfect time because last night I slept a total of 3 hours(thanks Garmin vivoactive3 for letting me know) I switched to the floor for a bit of time but woke up with a wicked migraine. Hoping a nap in a little bit will help. Now that I have this amazingly soft sheet to sleep in!


Raw Threads knows how to make their customers happy. They have a WIDE selection of apparel and a sale going on right now. OH! And they just started doing these amazing virtual races that are packed with stuff in your goodie bags. And the medal was huge.

My new sheets! Find them HERE.

Here is hoping for better night sleeps. Even if I continue to sleep on the floor, at least I have a sheet I can wrap myself in and find comfort in and possibly recover quicker. With my Fibromyalgia disease, I have developed a rash now whenever I get severe flare ups. Nothing I can do about it because it has no cure. But I make the best of it, and still manage to run through it. But of course, on my worst days I rest through it. Thank you Raw Threads for making my chronically ill days a little easier to bear.




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