Do you need some motivation?

What a crazy, stressful, thing we are going through! Who would’ve thought that we would be quarantined for months back in February? Then we joked that we couldn’t be at home for another month and here we are looking at June cancellations now??

Has running been cancelled by you? Are you still able to get any mileage in? I know many states and places have done a “Stay at Home” order where you can only leave for essential purposes. And running isn’t one of them. But if you are able to run or having trouble getting motivated to get up and out, virtual races, or work out options are available!

Here are some virtual peeps that are doing an awesome job at keeping us all motivated and most are doing it for FREE!!!!!!



Sunny has created many free to join challenges to help keep us with a positive mind with a smile. She has us focusing on the good and trying to keep us away from the stuff that is stressing us out. She started off with a mile a day challenge and is now on a gratitude challenge. Both included giveaways! Click on her Instagram to follow along.



_runtheedge__20200416_170203_0The Un-canceled Project was created by the people behind Run The Edge. They are very funny, goofy, and a great group! They created this “UP” in honor of those cancelled races. When you sign up…for free, they will help you set new goals,and  stay grounded and motivated. They are ready to support your mission from a 5K to an ultra. Each week, the project will focus on a certain quality(first week was gratitude) Check out their INFO.



sparkleathletic_20200416_170905_0 Every week Sparkle Athletic has posted a theme for running. The participation is free and fun! They encourage you to run, walk, bike, any amount at any pace. Share your photos with the corresponding hashtags and that’s it! They include these “virtual medals” for you to include in your photos if you’d like. A form of motivation to earn a reward for miles done. Follow them on Instagram for more themes and motivation.



20200416_171740Caterpy laces are sharing videos and tips to do at home work outs. Some are being shared in their Instagram, and some on their stories so make sure you follow them. They are also on Twitter if you want to give them a follow there too. Definitely an account worthy of a thumbs up. They are also trying to do what they can to help those in the front line of this virus.



photo from

This one needs no introduction right? This is the runDisney Virtual Series. This year is the 5th Anniversary of runDisney adding the virtual series event. And just last night they announced that the registration would open early this morning. The individual options for each 5K is already sold out. The only one still open is the challenge. Which is registering for all 5Ks and you receive an additional medal. You can get more details and register for the challenge (145- plus fees) at



tempFileForShare_20200416-175614 ESPN Run is an EXTREMELY motivating account to follow on Instagram. Besides posting the up to date news in running, they know what runners are going through. They know how stressing this current situation can make us. With so many races and event being cancelled, it can take a toll on our bodies and mind. Spending so many months training for a race to have it cancelled is tough. But they got it covered! They are posting and sharing MANY work outs to do from home. Different modifications you can try to do or add to your “new” normal. Or something to change yours up. Check them out at ESPNRUN.


These are just a few accounts that have been keeping me going and keeping my mind positive while we deal with this killer virus. Things have been tough, and it has been hard to focus while everyone is out there using their time to be active. I also was reminded that it is OK if I am not out there every day sweating. I have to take care of my body first and listen to what it tells me. You should too. Don’t feel forced to do things. Do what makes you feel at ease. Take the time to check in on your kids and spouse too.And those close to you. This is all new to everyone. Be kind and be patient, especially with yourself.




2 responses to “Do you need some motivation?”

  1. Paula Avatar

    I live in northwestern Wisconsin and we are able to use our local bike trail so I have been getting in my running. I did a virtual half marathon. I want to continue with my exercise regardless. Races here have been cancelled. I hope the ones in fall happen.

    1. Empire Unleashed Avatar
      Empire Unleashed

      That is great you are still running. I am doing the same. Races everywhere are still being cancelled. Let’s hope some still make it through the year.

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