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  • Marty, whatever happens don’t ever go to 2020

    Marty, whatever happens don’t ever go to 2020

    We are still in 2020 right? Feels like it’s lasted for 5 years. It has tested us, broke us, and taught us things. And while is does sound cliché, those tough times did show us the strength we really do have. It was an ugly year, but I am sure it did have some beauty…

  • Do you need some motivation?

    Do you need some motivation?

    What a crazy, stressful, thing we are going through! Who would’ve thought that we would be quarantined for months back in February? Then we joked that we couldn’t be at home for another month and here we are looking at June cancellations now?? Has running been cancelled by you? Are you still able to get…

  • Running with ESPN Run

    Running with ESPN Run

    During the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon this year, I was filming something special. The week of the race you are supposed to conserve your miles, rest, and taper. Not I! I was approached by ESPN Run to take part in a new episode of a program they were doing. I was their first episode and…