Running with ESPN Run

During the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon this year, I was filming something special. The week of the race you are supposed to conserve your miles, rest, and taper. Not I! I was approached by ESPN Run to take part in a new episode of a program they were doing. I was their first episode and there are no words for how honored I am. I already followed them on Instagram and see the inspiring stories on runners they did, and all the races and athletes they posted. So to take part in their channel was insane!


I spent the week of the marathon filming for the episode which was so much fun. We filmed all over my hometown so it was also an unbelievable honor to Orlando because we went to many places of the city beautiful.

Screenshot_20200303-130027_Video Player
Image from ESPN Run episode

This was all shot days before the marathon. And I logged in 10 miles of running during filming. Yes I know, I know, I shouldn’t run this many miles just 2 days before running a marathon, but spoiler alert….I finished the marathon.

Screenshot_20200303-130036_Video Player
*image from ESPN Run episode

I was able to run through all my favorite running spots, new and old. And most importantly, I was able to share my story on triumphs over my struggles with my chronic illnesses. The reason I share my story and I am so open with it on Instagram, is to give others hope who struggles as well. To show that you CAN overcome whatever you are fighting with. To give others strength and not give up.

Screenshot_20200303-142148_Video Player
Me talking about running…it gives me strength. *image from ESPN Run episode

Life sucks sometimes and is tough already, when you are battling with something and trying to accomplish a goal and have to deal with a major obstacle or 12, you need to be strong, stand up, and fight back. If you want to succeed and reach those dreams bad enough..YOU. WILL. MAKE. IT HAPPEN. I apparently “can’t run” and doctors are baffled that I have done 7 marathons already, including 1 Goofy’s race and a half challenge(half marathon and a full marathon back to back)


Many people ask me if running causes more pain. The weird thing is….when I don’t run, I feel worse. My body is so used to running that my Scoliosis acts up, the Fibromyalgia flares up, my migraines are all over the places. Ugh…it’s a mess. I hate it. That is why when I am running a race, I HAVE to keep running. When I stop for water or to eat, stretch, what have you, the pain immediately starts and my body starts to go numb. I need to stay in motion. Chronic illness life sucks!!!! But running doesn’t. I will continue to do what I can to keep running. I am thankful for KT TAPE for literally keeping me together, and for PRO Compression for keeping the numbness in my legs under control. Now currently trying to get my brain under control with chemotherapy. Hoping this works!

Screenshot_20200303-144056_Video Player
Image from ESPN Run episode


If you want to watch the episode that ESPN Run did which came out PHENOMENAL you can watch it here:

Watch it and tell me what you think! It was my hardest marathon to date due to the extremely high temperatures. But I am soooo glad I finished it because giving up is never an option for me.

“Crossing the finish line is something I can’t describe. It’s something you need to experience.”-Gelcys *image from ESPN Run episode



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