Marty, whatever happens don’t ever go to 2020

We are still in 2020 right? Feels like it’s lasted for 5 years. It has tested us, broke us, and taught us things. And while is does sound cliché, those tough times did show us the strength we really do have. It was an ugly year, but I am sure it did have some beauty in it. Let’s see those moments that made us smile and those milestones that made us proud because those are the ones we looked forward to and helped us get through the rough times.



Here are some positive or things that made me smile. I won’t list them all but just a few…

  • It started off in January running the runDisney WDW marathon with Alpha again! It has been a while since we have run a marathon together and the one he decided to run is the hottest one ever recorded. 🤦🏻‍♀️
New course AND they cut the course short behind us because runners were passing out left and right!


  • Another memorable moment comes from that same weekend was being a part of ESPN run first episode of their new show. Getting to spread some awareness of what its like to run marathons with my chronic health issues and showing that ANYTHING is possible. Here is the link to watch: ESPN run
  • A fun memory was running the Storybook 5K with my son and both of us placing. He placed 4th overall and 1st in his age group, and I came in 6th overall and 3rd in my age group. He is one fast runner and I was SUPER proud of him. We has a blast 1- because we were both freezing in March and 2- because I spent the whole race trying to catch up to him LOL
  • Lyssa and I have gotten closer and since we aren’t really going anywhere, I still have to keep her skills sharp so I have taught her a few new tasks. She also LOVES running on the Clay Loop with me.
The faster I go, the bigger her smile.
  • I have also done lots of running with Egg Weights which has increased my endurance, speed, and strength in my arm was affected by the small stroke I had 4 years ago.

  • I have also placed another race this year! I was excited and surprised by this one because short distance is not my favorite. It was the Rise Shine Run virtual race. It took place worldwide and I thought it was pretty cool that I placed 2nd in the 5k distance. I dug DEEP for that one. It takes me a good 4 miles to find my rhythm but running with my Egg Weights has truly made a difference. 


  • The biggest accomplishment of all in running this year came from the OUC Half Marathon. I trained my butt off to get my time under 2 hours. And I did it. Tough wasn’t the word. But I did it. The PR wasn’t just the time but the fact of the hard work I put in and the reward of knowing what I could do after just starting chemotherapy infusions for my migraines just weeks before. So I’ll take it. 💪🏽


  • One thing I loved that happened was that all my friends and I not only got closer, but I think my sarcasm, love for the paranormal, and Star Wars might have rubbed off on some of them! Which I honorably take the blame.


This year forced us to grow and tore us down. But either way we made it through to the other side. Life is a tough one, no need to make it tougher. Enjoy it as best as possible and chase after your dreams and make memories with those you love. LAUGH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!





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