Be phenomenal with RunnerBox

I know you have heard me mention RunnerBox before. But in case you forgot or want a quick run through..haha see what I did there 😉 I am here to give it to you…..First off, they have two different boxes. One for runners, and one for cyclists.


What is it?

It is a box that gets delivered straight to your door filled with about 10-12 different items that the RunnerBox team have searched and tested themselves. Each box you get is not the same. They are all filled with different runner related items and discounts. And let me tell you, from experience…I have found most of favorite must haves through my RunnerBoxes.

Before I got them, I spent sooooo much time and money researching and trying to find the right nutrition and hydration for my marathon and half marathon races. The RB team did all that for me and filled the boxes with the proper ones. So they saves all that time, money, and trouble for me.

How does the subscription work?

They do have several options to try. You can always do a custom order for your running groups, events, and/or special someone.

-Gift boxes for birthdays, Mother’s day, Runner’s gift box etc.

-You can sign up for a box at a time and pay for it as you go.

-Another option is to pay for 6 months at a time.

-You can also sign up for RunnerBox for a whole year.(Best option)

Obviously the longer the period of time you sign up for upfront, the more savings you get. And yes, you can cancel anytime. Your box will ship every other month.

What is in the box?

The items will always vary. That is what I like about RunnerBox. They have such a great variety of items in the boxes. And they add whatever is needed or appropriate according to the current season. They are ALWAYS up to date on the latest and greatest items that are hot in the running world. So they take the time to research and try it out themselves because they are incredible runners and cyclists themselves! They are not going to put items in the boxes that they don’t feel we, as runners wouldn’t benefit from.

Just an example of some of the stuff that can be found in their boxes

Why subscribe to RunnerBox?

RunnerBox is a team of athletes that has been trying to help other athletes find the best products and keep us motivated and focus since 2013. As athletes, we spend so much time looking for the best gear, nutrition, looking at the labels, and what could work best. We ask fellow runners for their opinions and their go-tos are. Spend so much time and money trying to find the right gel, chews, bars, for training. Then finding the right hydration drink because not all the races have the ones that we use. Well that where RunnerBox comes in. They do all the hard work and we get all the goodies in a box at our door! We find our favorites. And the great thing is, most items come with discounts in the boxes!

I think I gave you the RUN down, click on their SITE to get more info and see what else can come in the boxes as well as get more information on their cycling boxes.






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