Migraine Buddy and you should be best buddies

We already know that having migraines is tough. While there are different ones, and the symptoms vary, they all have one thing in common….they are excruciating! Sometimes we don’t know what our triggers are, how long they last, or what type of pain it is or where it began. Trying to remember all the details to tell your Doctor can be overwhelming. I have found something that not only takes care of remembering all of that for you, but helps you too!

It’s called MIGRAINE BUDDY. It is an app you can download for free, from the Apple Store or Google Play

Some important features of the Migraine Buddy app:


I have been using it for a few years and with my current neurologist, we have been able to notice triggers, and pinpoint what treatments have been working more effectively. Since I have one particular rare form of chronic migraines, other neurologist haven’t been successful at finding good treatments. I was having to write things down, such as what I was eating, how long I slept, my pain levels, what I tried to calm the pain…everything. But it was too much to do every single time! I have migraines almost weekly. I barely want to open my eyes, let alone write 5 pages worth of things, so this app makes it sooooo much easier and it migraine friendly. My neurologist has been able to analyze the summaries and we have been able to determine that the weather has been a big factor.

This is sample of my last migraine record within the app.


There is also a MB plus. I HIGHLY recommend this option. It includes several major keys that will help you and your doctors help alleviate your migraines and headaches. With the MIGRAINE BUDDY PLUS you get:

with iOS:

-24 hour Pressure variation history

– 7-day pressure forecast

-Menstruation tracker

-Trigger suggestion

-Attack estimated end time


-24 hour Pressure variation history

-Menstruation tracker

You will also be able to get full detailed insight reports on the relationships between your attacks and the weather. You’ll also get to see your triggers and symptoms, and how they affect you so you’ll be able to manage them better.

With MBplus also comes action plans designed by world-leading migraine experts. You’ll be able to take control over your migraines. There are action plans for diets, emotional and relationship management, triggers <= a big one, relief method and sooo much more!

MBplus is the Premium Migraine Buddy that aims to support us in our migraine journey. I have never felt so supported and so understood. There is an area within the app that has tons of articles, tips, recipes, blog posts, I can go on or you can just check it out for yourself.

Go to Migraine Buddy Plus and enter this code: mymigrainebuddy to save $20- off the subscription. You will not regret it. Especially when you get those migraines and log them in and then you get reports like these:

This is just one of the pages you get with your MBplus report. It is totally worth it.

Getting constant migraines and trying to figure out why can be alot to handle. Let Migraine Buddy do all the work. You just worry about feeling better. Let the app do all the figuring out of what may be triggering your migraines. Click HERE to sign up and stop worrying about where and how your migraines started.








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