Don’t take the little things for granted.

Today I got my trimonthly 40 injections and they did not go well this time. I’ve been going through something new that I haven’t really talked about. But it’s tremendously painful. A new diagnosis we are still trying to figure out a good treatment. Although, today’s injections affected it greatly.

The whole point of the injections is to create a pain blocker whenever I get a migraine. It’s to help reduce the amount of migraines I get a month. Right now I sit at 5 a week. That isn’t ok, nor is it normal. I’m working hard at finding something that works.

A little reminder not to take things, especially the little ones for granted. Like walking, breathing, hugging, Brushing your teeth. Simple yet incredibly difficult tasks for me I face daily.

I’ve been going through hell lately…but silently. Right now…I can’t be quiet. My pain is screaming too loud to ignore. I can’t really move. I need time to recover from the injections which is the norm but today they are being extra due to the new diagnosis. I promise you that blinking is causing a problem. But I am trying to focus on what I can do…I can laugh, I can hug Lyssa, and I watch my horror movies which brings joy.

Life sometimes doesn’t give you what you want so you have to focus on the positive and things you can change and do something about. Worrying about things you can do nothing about is time wasted and unnecessary stress. I’m doing what I can to create migraine and headaches awareness because it’s affect every aspect of my life, my family and my friend’s lives. It’s a fight I will not stop fighting. It’s hell and it’s a tough one but I will keep getting back up each time I get knocked down.



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