If you really want something, you get it done.

Alpha and I had a training day on schedule for the marathon. We had the little cheetah cub with us and abuela (the usual babysitter) was out-of-town. The rain was hitting hard here, it would stop for a little bit and start back. We had actually decided earlier in the day we would switch days to run because we couldn’t run with the cheetah cub in the rain. But alpha got home and it wasn’t raining so we decided to get ready and go!

Our running trail on a good sunny day
Our running trail on a good sunny day

I was happy, because I was itching to run! But to be closer to cover in case it did rain while we were out there, we decided to drive the car there instead of running the mile to the trails. As soon as we pull into the trail parking lot, of course it would rain harder than ever!! We sat in the car debating what options we had to still make this run possible. Besides, all we had on schedule was a 30 min run anyway. We thought about not running at all as it was raining so hard we knew we would not be able to see well, and the cub couldn’t be out there in those conditions. But then I had the great idea of taking turns. There is a play ground there with a big cover over it. So I told alpha, “HEY! How ’bout we take turns running? You stay here with him, I will run a few miles, return to you and we switch and you take off?” He liked the idea! Yay! I was going to run. Right when I decided to take off running it stopped raining! Alpha cheetah and cub where able to make it to the playground without getting wet! SUCCESS!


So while they were safe under cover, I took off running. It was a little weird running alone because I have NEVER ran alone, alpha is always with me. I was ok though, I knew he was nearby so I felt safe. But a mile later I came back to where he was at to check on them and switch.

I was the only one who got rained on.
It sprinkled most of the time I ran, so I was the only one who got wet.

They were having a blast! When I returned to tag my husband, it had stopped raining.I told him, I ran a horrible one mile in 11:34 mins. I wasn’t too happy but anyway, my brilliant mind decided to tell him, “let’s see how fast you can run a mile in.” Yes, bad idea lol! Alpha had returned 6 mins later!!! He blew through that mile. What was I thinking challenging one of the world’s best finely tuned running machines?!?!?

20130703j n

He tagged me and I took off again while I left little man playing on the swings as it no longer rained. In total between all the tagging we did I most likely ran 3 miles. I didn’t wear the Garmin the whole time. We also took off running as a family. I was proud of my little cheetah cub, he was right on my tail. But he suddenly stopped as he complained of belly cramps so I kept going and the boys went back to the playground. We continued to take turns until we each ran our scheduled training run.

My point is, if two active, training adults with kids want to train or need to train there is a way.

  • Bring your kids with you! Set a good example and teach them to be active. If they are old enough they can run with you or ride their bike, roller blades, or skateboard.
  • Run while the kids are in school, after school programs.
  • Leave them with a trusted family member or friend.
  • Find a park or trail that has a playground so you and your partner can switch watching the kids while the other trains.
  • Run with them in a stroller when it’s nap time so you can enjoy your run while they sleep.
  • Train separately. You can train one day and your husband/wife can train the following day.
  • Work out indoors. Find a gym that has a babysitting service while you run on the treadmill or lift weights.
  • Make a small gym area in your home with your own personal treadmill.


Working out, staying fit,  or being active does not have to be a chore. You can turn it into a family affair or some quality time for yourself. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it work. Running for us is a way of life. It is our quality time with each other and ourselves. There is always time to run and be healthy. Just find your way around it =)

-cheetah g



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