It’s TIME to run!!!!

As most of you know, Alpha and I run every race in costumes. You have all asked and waited to see what we will be running as this year…Since we are running two races, that meant two costumes! We run in costumes for many reasons: makes the experience more fun, not so serious, helps keep anticipation anxiety under control, and having spectators cheer and take photos of you is exciting!

I had these costumes chosen the minute we signed up for the Goofy Challenge.While I look for ways to make my costumes comfortable and easy to manage, Alpha is game for ANYTHING as you soon will see.

Since my Scoliosis is pretty noticeable with a higher shoulder and have my “hump” as I call it sticking out, I actually have to make many adjustments to mine. This year, for the half marathon Alpha and I will be…….SULLY AND BOO from Monsters Inc.!


As one of my favorite Pixar movies, I’ve always wanted to incorporate it into our races and now we will! Alpha will be Sullivan with the hat and tail to go with it, yes you read right, TAIL! Like I said, he is game for anything. I will be Boo! I also have the little Mikey that Sully gave her to calm her down. I am hoping it helps me somehow too 😉 I have noticed that when I carry something in my hands while I run helps counteract the Scoliosis pain.


Now for the full marathon, and the last victory lap of my training I saved a special costume for that race. Since I decided to run in costumes, I have always wanted to dress up as this one but I felt I needed to save it for a special race and I decided to break it out now. For the first ever race we decided to run in costume I was a character from this movie. I was the Queen of Hearts for my first costume race and it was so much fun that I was hooked!!! Many races later, here, this weekend Alpha and I will run as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit!

Alice in Wonderland is my ALL time favorite Disney classic! I have always enjoyed the creativity and imagination of the movie. Yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie!


The whole time I trained for this race, I have been after the white rabbit. I spent miles (600 to be exact) chasing this furry thing! Now the time has come for me to chase it to the finish line!


I am UBER excited for this race series! I have countless hours I spent training, eating right, and learned more about my strengths. I feel more prepared and ready for this race than I ever have in the past. I am not nervous about it, but I am sure I will be when at the starting line….always am.

Make sure if you see me, to cheer for me! I may be tiny at 5’2 feet but just look for a massive blue monster or white rabbit ears and I won’t be too far behind!

I look forward to seeing you all and what creative costumes will be in the race as Disney races are FULL of creativeness!

See you real soon!




-cheetah g



2 responses to “It’s TIME to run!!!!”

  1. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

    sounds like so much fun. 🙂 We love Disney, but its only in our budget once every 10 years it seems, lol!

  2. Erik Remillard Avatar
    Erik Remillard

    Love it! I was feeling a bit cranky and this made me smile. Can’t wait to see the pics.

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