I shined, YOU shined, we ALL SHINED!

What an amazing time The Color Run was!!!! I just did the Orlando race with my little man and it was a blast as always. Starting with the packet pick up at Kohl’s which in itself is perfect! They had a little color party happening in the middle of the store. Lots of banners, great music, and a fun staff working it and making sure you got everything you needed. collagekohls   Once we had our bibs and awesome shirts in hand we were ready to get blasted with colors! The morning if the race we left early to get a good parking spot which was a success. They recommend you arrive with enough time to do so and we did. We parked right in the front with a VERY short walk to the start line. There we waited for our turn to take off as they released waves of runners spaced minutes apart to avoid a congestion on course. They had lots and lots of bubbles flying and the send off DJ was excellent! He was pumping up the crowd and keeping everyone warmed up being that it was to a chilly start. collagestart   We took off and started running through the most colorful race ever! We couldn’t ask for a better day. The weather was  perfect running temps at 60s and no rain! So we were on our way to to colors


Little man was keeping up a nice steady pace and we were enjoying the music, the people, and the celebrations. I was glad that they had a water stop after each color to rinse off or to hydrate. We made our way around the colors and we knew that the glitter was just ahead.


Running through the sparkle zone was the most fun! It was a glitter and silver party! Once out of the magical land, we rounded the last corner to the finish line.


We were so happy to cross the finish line and get our glitter bomb and medal. It was a little congested towards the finish line as it seemed that everyone was in line to get the glitter bomb over the colors. After receiving the colors, we got the medals so it wasn’t a run through until the end finish line. But it did move and was still a fun experience!



This time with the Shine tour, it was a different experience from the rest. Glitter, fireworks, better swag, and a medal! IF you have ever considered doing The Color Run…DO IT!!! It’s a great, no pressure, just have fun race!! Do it with friends, your family, your kids, it will make for great memories! Being that it’s not timed, they REALLY enforce the HAVE FUN rule. Everyone is very enthusiastic and happy, it truly is the happiest 5K on the planet! 😉 I totally recommend it being that we do it every year its in town.

If you want more info about it or want to know when it comes to your town click here. Also sign up for the VIP list to be first in line to hear about when it comes to your city!

The Color Run SHINE tour 2015
The Color Run SHINE tour 2015


Until next year...
Until next year…

-cheetah g


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