Gear for the year?!?

I like to share as much as I can with you all. Especially the good stuff! You all know that I’m an ASICS girl! I have been running in their shoes for years. I also wear some of their running gear. Everything is comfortable and light and their shoes have gotten me to EVERY SINGLE major milestone in my running journey.


So I wanted to share this with you…a HUGE HUGE GIVEAWAY they have going on right now!!! I have entered and you should too! It’s $3000- worth of ASICS gear!!! Seriously?!?! How awesome is that!?!? Get ASICS accessories, clothing, and/or shoes each month for a period of ten months. SHOOT! Count me in!

Here is the link to enter: CLICK HERE

You can enter once a day until April 30th! Do NOT miss out on the chance to win! Their stuff has made running comfortable for me. Many tops don’t fit my back “hump” right without pulling to one side. ASICS brand gear never gives me a problem. It’s the only stuff I can wear without being uncomfortable. So trust me, it’s worth it to take less than a minute to enter this GIVEAWAY for your chance to win.


You have until April 30th to enter!!!! GO do it now! Gear for the year sweepstakes


These babies will also power e through the streets on NYC as I prep in training for the NYC Marathon!



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