A day of celebration quickly approaches! It’s one of my favorite days of the year because it’s the day that runners from all over the nation get together and celebrate our love, passion, and favorite way to sweat….NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! It will be on June 3,2015.

Runners everywhere will do anything possible to go for a run, whether a local running group has something planned, or just go off on your own. Either way the trails and roads will be busy with runners pounding the pavement!

Something that is happening this year is that ASICS has something VERY special planned for all of you! They want to see everyone laces up those shoes, wear your favorite gear, and see your post run routines….whatever you want to share with a photo and hashtag it with #GoRunItJune3. We all want to see runners come together from all corners of the country and show your runner side! Let’s get together and show the world that runners are amazing, determined and strong!


The best part about joining others and running together with ASICS…???? They will GIVEAWAY a free pair for shoes to a random winner for every 100 tweets that use the #GoRunItJune3 hashtag on Twitter!!! I repeat….THEY WILL GIVEAWAY A FREE PAIR OF SHOES TO A RANDOM WINNER FOR EVERY 100 TWEETS THAT USE THE #GoRunItJune3!!!!! I mean come on people! Who wouldn’t want a free pair of shoes!?!?!


To take part in ASIC’s #GoRunItJune3, they want to know what running means to you. You can take part by:

  • Show how you will Go Run It on June 3 by taking a picture of your running trails, your winning race outfit, your post-run fuel-up stop, or best “shoefie” using the hashtag #GoRunItJune3
  • Post this on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and write a little bit about it in the caption.

Now..to enter the awesome GIVEAWAY:

  • ASICS America will be giving away a free pair for shoes to a random winner* for every 100 tweets that use the #GoRunItJune3 hashtag on Twitter, on June 3rd.

Let’s charge up those smartphones, lace up your favorite pairs of shoes and join in on the #GoRunItJune3 conversation, and GO RUN IT!

The GIVEAWAY will ONLY take place on June 3rd. =)

In the meantime, they will be collecting pictures across social media platforms with the #GoRunItJune3 hashtag to be used in a video that they will show on June 3rd, pretty sweet huh??

Again, for EVERY 100 TWEETS, a random person will be chosen to win a free pair of ASICS. So if you REALLY want to win, spread the word! Have your running buddies tweet with that hashtag as well! The more the merrier and the more of a chance you get to win on June 3rd!

Just imagine….while you are out there celebrating National Running Day, you can also be winning some shoes. It’s a win win!

So go get your favorite gear together, get those legs stretched and warmed up to run because Wednesday, June 3rd is RIGHT around the corner, literally. Let’s make these miles count! And once you put in some mile(s) you can share these badges of honor to show everyone you were a part of a major celebration!



I want to see you all enter this giveaway! I will be on the lookout for the hashtags! Along with posting my own pictures of my amazing gel-kayanos, and my favorite place to run! So lets flood @ASICSamerica with pictures!

good luck and happy running!



3 responses to “#GoRunItJune3”

  1. sara Avatar

    why is this only on twitter? why doesn’t the giveaway also include instagram?

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      They will include photos from all social media. But the giveaway is only on twitter. As sometimes many do giveaways across different social media accounts to give everyone a chance. Last giveaway was on instagram only. So they switch it.

  2. […] are TONS of giveaways going on just for today, especially ASICS shoes giveaway on twitter. I know a few others have stuff going on too so keep an eye out on your […]

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