Dr. Strange I am. 

I recently saw Marvel’s Dr. Strange and I probably didn’t take the movie as others would. While some might thing it is just your typical Superhero movie, it really wasn’t. At least for me.


This post does contain a few *spoilers*

The whole movie was different. Not your typical beginning, he didn’t start with Superhero strength, or Superhero powers. He was a regular man living in New York city as a  successful neurosurgeon. One night something happened where he suddenly lost the ability to do the things that made him happy. He went through multiple surgeries and hours of physical therapy, yet he felt powerless. He felt useless and frustrated because he wasn’t the same anymore.
He was trying so hard to get back to where he was and didn’t want to accept the fact that things will never be the same. He did find a way to meet someone special that would help him accept who he was and to teach him to see beyond his imperfections. There was no need to look at his new impairment as a cause for negativity or defeat. “This special person” wanted him to understand that it was something he could overcome and that something he could make stronger. But that it was his mind that he has to convince. She needed his brain to see the strength and power within himself thus making his flaws and imperfections his true powers making him….dun..dun…dun…..Dr. Strange!!


The reason this movie resonates with me and why I see it more than just some regular Superhero movie, is because anyone who have faced a physical life change experience will understand all the emotions and pain he went through. Having Scoliosis and going through 4 spinal fusions, I felt like I lost a part of me each time. It wasn’t easy to admit or accept that each time I had surgery, I was being more limited to what I can do. Being that I am a pretty active person, to now having more days spent in bed because of my pains or limitations, seeing this movie made me see myself in him. it brought back memories of all the surgeries, pain, and let downs I’ve gone through with my Scoliosis.


Towards the end of the movie he realized the true strength and power came from inside and I also found that out. You can’t be strong and overcome obstacles if you don’t believe in yourself. I spread the message to all I come across, that to fight against our chronic disease and our pains, we have to be strong and stand tall. Yes I know it’s easier said that done, but I figured if Steve can do it, fall and pick himself back up and come back as Superhero Dr. Strange, then so can we.


-the Scoliosis runner

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