Running Cyber Monday Deals!

I know that people say that running is the cheapest sport, but if you think about it, it really isn’t LOL. You might want to have the shoes, running gear, watch, hat, bra, and injury prevention stuff like KT Tape or Pro Compression socks. So I’ve put together some of my favorites that are having some awesome Cyber Monday Deals! Just click their name and … Continue reading Running Cyber Monday Deals!

Dr. Strange I am. 

I recently saw Marvel’s Dr. Strange and I probably didn’t take the movie as others would. While some might thing it is just your typical Superhero movie, it really wasn’t. At least for me.   This post does contain a few *spoilers* The whole movie was different. Not your typical beginning, he didn’t start with Superhero strength, or Superhero powers. He was a regular man … Continue reading Dr. Strange I am. 

Disney Springs Town Center opens!

Yesterday I was able to go to Disney Springs‘s new area, called town center. I parked in the new lime parking garage and it lead right into the town center. I thought that it would be crowded and full of people being that it was opening day but it wasn’t. It was actually very nice and quiet. It didn’t have the typical Disney Springs traffic. The … Continue reading Disney Springs Town Center opens!

Hear ye hear ye runDisney princesses!!

runDisney has tons of races they offer at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Many of the races get sold out soon after registration opens. Some of them are completely sold out within hours. As a runDisney fanatic, I intend to participate in all the races they offer. As you know I am currently training for the Walt Disney Marathon in January, along with the newly … Continue reading Hear ye hear ye runDisney princesses!!

We all know you are Goofy, but are you Dopey??

As a big advocate of the RunDisney family, I’m so excited for the latest news RunDisney has revealed !! Since the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January is such a success they have added a new 10K to the series! Which is awesome in my eyes, because if you are familiar with the marathon weekend you are well known with the Goofy Challenge  which I’m proud to … Continue reading We all know you are Goofy, but are you Dopey??