We all know you are Goofy, but are you Dopey??


As a big advocate of the RunDisney family, I’m so excited for the latest news RunDisney has revealed !! Since the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January is such a success they have added a new 10K to the series! Which is awesome in my eyes, because if you are familiar with the marathon weekend you are well known with the Goofy Challenge  which I’m proud to say my alpha ran this year! It’s running the full, and half marathon combined giving you three beautiful medals!!

my alpha after completing the full and half marathon at Disney
my alpha after completing the full and half marathon at Disney

That is an amazing feat in itself being that is a total of 39.3 miles to run in two days. Disney has decided to kick it up a notch and add the Dopey Challenge, which includes running the 5K, 10K, half, and full marathon giving you a total of 48.6 miles combined!!!! The reward is just a sweet, being a total of 6 medals!!!!!Those who register for the Dopey and complete each event will not only earn four race medals, but will also take home the Goofy Challenge  medal and the all new Dopey Challenge medal!! With the addition of the Dopey Challenge comes a whole new race, the Walt Disney World 10K.  The timed 6.2 mile course will be hosted at Epcot on Friday morning. Minnie Mouse will join the likes of her pals Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as the inspiration for the 10K medal.

collage1 (1)

I will absolutely be adding this to my TO DO list as next year I will start training for the Goofy Challenge…why I’m not doing it 2014? Because I’m shooting for the completion of my first full marathon!!! One step at a time my friends, I’m crazy but not insane!?!?! you can check RunDisney for further information on this and all the other Disney races


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