Tips for your marathon from Cigna

Most of us are either training, or coming out of or are thinking about training for a marathon. And whether it’s your 1st or 21st marathon, you still have to train properly and have to be smart about it. 26.2 miles is no east feat and you have to be kind to your body not just your legs. Because it’s a whole body working progress that will get you to the finish line.

First off…nutrition. You have to eat right, if you want to run right. You have to put the right fuel in the tank or you engine is going to stall. When running a marathon, it requires lots of energy and carbs to keep you going. Screenshot_20171227-145835

I know you have heard it time and time again. So find yourself the right meals that work for you. You need to eat a nutritious meal before you run, a snack, and a post run meal. This is all part of the training. So that is why the training part of the marathon is vital because it’s not just for running but also to find out what nutrition works best for you. You have to train your stomach to what it has to take.


For example, my stomach is very sensitive and I can’t handle much food on race day, so I make sure to have a good small but packed nutritious snack, and I carry a power bar (Vega protein bar ) and eat it when I get hungry mid run because my stomach tends to get funny so during training I found that is the only thing it can handle. Then post run, I immediately drink a Vega recovery drink and slowly eat. You have to find what works for you, just make sure its packed with nutrients. HERE is a great list of yummy lists of recipes from Cigna that are full of everything a runner needs and are easy and quick to make.


If this isn’t your first marathon, do you remember training for it? remember the thoughts running through your mind? Did I train enough? Did I do it right? Do i have the right shoes? Am I getting enough sleep? Every question possible ran through your head right? There is no reason to give yourself added stress for no reason. It’s like worrying about the weather, can’t do anything about it so why worry?

If you have done the miles, and have been good to your body, then you are prepared for the big day! Here are some tips for training to get you to the finish line:

Training Tips

If you want to set a PR you can add some speed work into your training routine and it will help increase your pace time and endurance and overall strength and work.

Click here for more info.

Personal Record (2)

A big way to prevent injuries is to stretch post run. Those muscles will be tight and sore. And I know you’ve heard to “keep moving” after you’ve done the marathon, and if you haven’t, do so! I do it, especially walking around Walt Disney World and it makes a world of a difference. It keeps you from being sore and preventing muscle damage. Stretch your upper, groin, arms, quads, calves, shins, and ankles. All those just did a heck of a lot of work. So be kind to them and cool them down! If you can jump in an ice bath afterwards or an Epsom salt even better.

And of course, the best way to remain healthy and to make sure you good to go for your next marathon is to get checked up by your doctor. Click HERE to take control of your health and go run!

Hoping to see some of you at the runDisney marathon in the next few weeks!






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    Thank you for those tips! I will keep them in mind

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