When running happens…

Since running my marathon, it has been ridiculous. The first few days were fine. Just your typical mild soreness, but as you read in my marathon recap, my back did lock up on me and I am still experiencing it today….yuck! But then my fibromyalgia started to flare up worse than usual. So there’s that.

Here in Florida the weather tends to be funky, one day it’s in the 30s, the next day it’s back in the 80s. So I ended up sick with a cold. Tie allllll that together and it is a shit storm of pain that I can not even describe. No words, seriously.

giphy (1)

I saw my doctor and my fibromyalgia is one of the worst that he has seen (because of my symptoms and what I go through each day). He thinks its insane yet incredible that I am able to run marathons  in my conditions. He didn’t tell me to stop running, no doctor has.

Being stuck in bed for the week hasn’t been fun. A seizure got me 2 days ago in the early morning. My amazing medical alert dog woke me up and minutes later it happened. This week has not been my week at all. I was left with a wicked migraine after that and I am STILL battling the fibro flare up. It’s horrible. But I’ve had enough.

I can either let it continue to keep me in bed, or I can do something about it. So I did what I know best. I decided to go for a run. Running is what I love, it’s what makes my heart smile. While my body might have not agreed, I did 4 miles on the treadmill tonight. It may not seem like much, but with what I go through every day, especially right now, it is.

Running is tough and even tougher for me but I get out there and I fight for each step I make. Because I love it and because I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Sometimes I forget about my strengths and I only see my weaknesses, so running reminds me of what I can do and how far I have gone. 1516320990608

Each second of my life is a surprise. I do not like it but it’s something I’m learning to get used to. But I believe in myself and know that whatever I do, I will succeed. Because I am unstoppable and non of my diseases or illnesses will keep me from chasing my dreams.


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