Thank you runDisney and Star Wars

It’s that time again! When my two favorite world collide! Star Wars and running! This weekend it’s the return of runDisney Half Marathon- The Dark Side!! I WISH I were running all the races offered this weekend as per my norm, but my medical bills have really been piling up so I will only be running the half marathon.

The Half Marathon-The Dark Side, offers a 5K, 10K, a half marathon and The First Order Challenge which is running both 10K and the half marathon combined. Running all these races through Walt Disney World is so much fun and as magical as it sounds. All of it is transformed into the world of Star Wars. The sounds, the colors, the music, and yes, the characters!


Last year was extra awesome for me because I PR’ed by 12 minutes!!! And I also was a featured runner for runDisney! It was such a fun and cool experience that others find my journey inspiring and motivational!

Click HERE to watch my race and interview video!

I am uber happy that this weekend Captain Phasma is in charge. She is ONE of my favorite bad people? Because after all she is a lady. So with obvious reason, she is medal for the half marathon and it’s a beauty.

runDisney Half Marathon-The Dark Side medal 2018

Even though I won’t be doing the First Order challenge(insert sad face here) I am dressing up as a First Order Stormtrooper! Thanks to Raw Threads and their amazing selection of tanks, I will be running in one of theirs. Makes my running easier because of my back and my fibromyalgia (easier on my skin). It’s quickly becoming all I wear, for running and non-running. Check out their selections if love Disney, Star Wars, or just fun stuff. If you are running the race they will be at the expo and see and feel how comfortable their tops are!

Click here to get more info on this tank at Raw Threads.

On Sunday the weather doesn’t look favorable. And I don’t do well in the heat anymore but I won’t worry about it because there is nothing I can do about it. I can just be as prepared as I can. The expo starts tomorrow and I will be there! Even though the marathon is my favorite distance to run, this race is my favorite, because of everything it has to do with and it makes me feel like I am running through my world. It just makes me so happy and I just forget that I am in pain and it makes me forget that I suffer every day. It makes me forget the pain I endure and will endure for the rest of my life. Running is tough and getting tougher each step I make, but as cliché as it sounds Star Wars brings so much joy that it makes me forget all that for a couple of hours. Thank you runDisney and Star Wars.




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