40 and going

I usually don’t really give much importance or pay much attention to the day of my birth but this one has significance. I turned 40! Woohoo! I am very excited and happy about it for many reasons. Due to having to battle with multiple chronic health issues, many of them deteriorate my health. One of them in particular speeds up my age and while I joke I feel like I am 80 years old, my bones are a lot older than 40 on the inside.


When I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in my early teens, I was told that I was so severe that I would probably not make it past 35 years of age. All because of my thoracic curve. It curves in a way that digs into my lungs and heart. And look at me at 40! But I will say that I do feel it because running the NYC marathon, I did break some ribs just trying to breathe. Breathing…really??? So the orthopedic doctors weren’t too far off.

As my age progresses, I do have more discomfort and pain while I sit and lay down. My ribs dig into my side and my hips and lower ribs rub together. That is not supposed to happen. The pain is unbearable. So I get it, I see why the doctors would’ve been amazed if I made it past 35. But they didn’t know who they were dealing with.

I love me a good challenge and will fight to prove it to myself that I can and am strong enough to hang with the others. It may take me longer, I have to train harder, but I can do it. Not only have I made it past 35, I am 40 years old and I have a lot of goals yet to reach that I have set! I am tough and not to be underestimated. It will only make you look bad. 


I am an Aries sign, Fire. Strong and courageous. I think that pretty much sums me up. 

So just a reminder to never limit yourself to whatever box others have you in. Only YOU know what you have and what you can do. Set your goals and dreams and don’t stop until you reach them. Don’t let others get in your head and tell you what to do. Quiet the noise, lace up and go! Find a way..






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