New Shoes, who Dis?

Things happen that we may not be prepared for. Such as, needing a new car, or your dog faking an injuring so you stop taking them on your run. But what you aren’t prepared for is the shoe brand you’ve been running in for 12 years, now suddenly causing a problem!


Yup! That is my current situation! The Asics Gel-Kayano I have been running in have suddenly become a problem. I went to Track Shack looking for help because I knew I’d find it there. Going there is like talking to family, they are aware of my health issues so I didn’t have to explain much. I have a condition that makes my right leg go numb(damaged nerves) pretty often so when running I need support. But since the latest pair of Gel-Kayanos, I developed Plantar Fasciitis out of nowhere! I have been taping my foot and using KT Tape for support and prevention of it getting worse.


So after talking to the amazing people at Track Shack, we figured out a problem I have, my ankles are VERY flexible. So I need a shoe that has a lot of stability and support both arch, in and outer foot. 

Brooks Adrenaline has entered the chat.


Now I have run in Adrenalines once before and ended up with horrific shin splints and I said never again. But here we are…I have already done 10 miles in these shoes. Why did I give these a shot? Besides Chris at Track Shack making the most sense ever….as you know each series of shoes, it changes. That’s why some runners hoard their favorite ones. Myself included. Brooks REALLY changed up the Adrenalines and it really makes a difference. They have these “guiderails” that are along the heel of the shoes to help keep you in your lane if you will. It not only supports your entire foot, it also offers support to your knees and hips. And since ladies are more prone to hip problems, this is a major plus. They help make your strikes feel more smooth and keep you running your way while guiding you at the same time. 

I love the cushioning and a big change from the Gel-Kayano because of the gel that supports the outside of the foot on that shoe. You can certainly tell that the Brooks hold truth to their Guiderails feature. I will continue to run in them and see how it goes and hopefully my pain and leg gets the support it needs. Thank you team Track Shack for helping me figure this out.




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