You’re as cold as ice.

As a runner, I am constantly looking for ways to recover quicker and keep my muscles happy. I also want to stay injury free. Not of course talking about my chronic illnesses, like my Scoliosis.

I use a lot of icing for my legs and lower back. I already use KT Tape’s Recovery+ wrap where I either put the ice or the heat therapy in the pocket and use the wrap to fit the area I am targeting. It’s great because I use it on the go. Although now, I have also added the KT Tape Recovery+ Ice Sleeve. It is one of their latest recovery additions. It is an ice sleeve in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra large.


I have been using it for a little bit and it is convenient and pretty beneficial. Here’s why…..

-It comes in a bag that you stick in the freezer for at least 2 hours before use. This is great because if you go to the gym, run on trails or a race, you can stick it in an iced cooler.

-You slide the sleeve over your knee or elbow for about 20 mins while having some pain-relieving cold compression.

-While wearing the ice sleeve, you still have full range of motion and can wear it while you are around at home or while out running errands or on your way back from the gym.

-The bag that the sleeve comes in, keeps it cool for up to 90 minutes. Since my knees tend to get cranky on certain running surfaces, this is perfect for running out in the Florida sun because I slip it right on when I finish running.

By switching my recovery tactic to this sleeve right after running, has kept my knees from hurting as much. I know which days I am going to run so I stick the bag into the freezer if I am going out, I take the bag with me and it has kept the sleeve cool enough to do its job. Not only does it keep the pain away, but it cools me down too! Pretty thankful for that living here in Orlando.


It is excellent if you have or are prone to swelling in your knees and/or elbows. It is comfortable but effective compression. And it has full 360 wrap-around icing providing cold relief to sore muscles. I don’t keep mine in the freezer but stick it in there before my runs. By the time I need it, it’s ready to do its job. You can see their products including this one HERE.

I am wearing the small/medium and they have the ideal amount of compression and bring the relief I need.

Keep your muscles happy and be smart about your recovery with tools such as these.








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