25 thoughts on “Avoid running with Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Thank you for sharing this… I have a question though… I had Plantar Fasciitis few years ago but it was healed (completely) through stem cell therapy. I had the treatment with my ortho surgeon, Dr Grossman of Stem Md. It has been 2 years and I don’t experience any problems with my heels and joints anymore… I’ve been reading about muscle and joint pains and I notice that KT tape is always being mentioned… will it help me maintain the condition of my feet if I will use it? I mean, I regularly run and I am afraid that I injure my heel and sole again. Thanks

    1. Yes!!!!! I use KT tape all the time ti prevent my back pain and shin splints from acting up. I also wrote a post about it here. Check it out. It answers the questions you asked

  2. Great post- definitely love seeing posts on plantar fasciitis that also recommends consciously paying attention to your form, because tension is a huge contributor to plantar fasciitis and any running injuries in general. As a runner and a ‘runner’s wife’, I worship my foam roller- such a great tool for breaking up muscle scar tissue and loosening up muscle tension. Getting blood circulation up using mineral foot soaks, BFST Plantar Wraps, massaging or even jumping into your hot tub would also be a great way to help your feet and legs recover after a long run. KT tape is also a great way to provide support especially for people who are prone to leg injuries etc. http://www.kingbrand.com/Plantar_Fasciitis_Treatment.php?REF=33PV1

  3. So good to see a positive attitude to this. Most info has said stop running, ice it, stretch it and rest which I did for 3 miserable weeks but it hasn’t made much difference. I ran 2 days ago for first time and it was no better/worse than before. I’m going to change shoes and give the roller ago. Thanks for info.

  4. Sorry, i did not get it properly. I have PF (young development according to X-Ray), feeling pain only overnight when i get up or start walking after long sitting. Can i actually run? Would this worsen the PF. Thank you!.

    1. You have to treat it and make sure you aren’t making it worse. Try taping it with KT Tape to keep the pain under control. Ice it

  5. Lots of good stretching techniques. I’m going to look into those, maybe make a similar post about its effect on other runners. Thanks! So, I guess KT tape is like a compression sock, then? I wonder if it’s actually beneficial as I’ve seen no studies on its efficacy.

  6. PT seems to be caused by a calcium deficiency also. I am certainly no expert, so do your own research, but I knew I have a calcium deficiency because I am lactose intolerant and I can see this white marks in my finger nails from low calcium. I read some interesting articles about PT and calcium and immediately went out and bought calcium supplements. It seems to be working. I went from limping really bad and being in pain to hardly any pain and no limp in two days.
    I am not ready to start running yet. But I am optimistic that I will be able to soon. I appreciate the info about relaxing and focusing on my form.
    Great article!


    1. Taping your foot is great as it provides a little extra support to help prevent against over straining. A lot of people swear by it but others just doesn’t do the trick. I would recommend trying it. For $15-$20, definitely worth a try.

  7. Thanks for this article! I recently wrote one myself on the dangers of running with plantar fasciitis. I had to learn the hard way because I continued to try and run even after I first noticed the pain in my foot. Hundreds of dollars later I am finally back to 100 percent, and I now know the importance of good shoes and stretching.

    1. I’m lost at what sandals or shoes to buy. Spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the best, good for a while then comes back. 3 Rd year now😢I ice I stretch I foot bath every night nearly with e salts.
      And I’m not a runner. I stand and walk every day in my job, I go to gym 3/4 times a week. Over the last 3 years I have gained about 10 kg even though good eating and gym. But it since I’ve turned 50.
      So over the pain!

  8. I am a daily runner and I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis three years ago. It was terrifying because I am normally a very active person. I tried a lot of products tat claim to heal Pf fast but I had no luck at all. I managed to finally cure after spending so much money on things that did not work. This article was very informative, and touched on a lot of things that I not too long ago just found out myself. I also have a blog that explain how I cured my Pf and the steps that it took me to get cured. http://www.howtocureplantarfasciitis.org

  9. Definitely useful information. Arch support is important to relieve tension on the plantar fascia, thereby reducing pain. I am a big fan of ASICS. I see you are too 🙂

  10. Hi Pete – I’m a new follower, and really enjoyed your post on PF. I’ve had a chronic case of PF for many years, and just recently overcame it with lots of stretching of calves and hamstrings. I agree with you that stretching out the entire leg is critical for resolving it. Thanks for the great information!

  11. Hi…. I had a question here. The PT occurs due to pull on the plantar tendon but then how does standing on the edge of the curb/stair help in healing? Isn’t the tendon getting pulled further? Also, will complete rest (just heading to office and back) help in healing the tendon?

  12. Great post this is exactly what I did one year ago and it went completely away. I been having this pain for a while and decided to find out what was causing it. I found this site, and the pain went away instantly.

  13. This is very helpful. I will definitely try KT tape. One thing I have noticed is a lot of articles say runners get plantar fasciitis, but I’m not a runner and got it. I must have really pulled it while walking, lol.

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