The runner who doesn’t give up

It has been such an amazing run, no pun intended on my Runner Unleashed journey. I try to get my story out there and share many details of it to inspire other runners. There are many people out there who feel they can’t, or it’s impossible. I’ve had a normally private struggle since I was little with my Scoliosis. Believe it or not, I am still not fully comfortable with my back and scar. Yes, I know I post pictures of it all the time, but I still don’t feel 100% comfortable showing it.



I was just featured in Platform Magazine and I couldn’t be more excited. The article has my story in more detail than I usually talk about. I am just glad they used my story as a form to show runners to NEVER GIVE UP!!! I still struggle today and will continue to do so. Not sure if it was because of all the surgeries, or all the muscle damage but this is the life I’ve been given and I’ll take it! =D

Scoliosis is no joke and at times hard to deal with, but after so many years of letting it beat me I got tired. I wasn’t happy and felt like I was going nowhere. That is not the life I wanted. I need to go places so what better way to do it than to run!?!?!?


Every time I get to lace up my shoes, I am grateful. Running to me, is a gift. There are tons of people out there who would love to run and can’t. I make sure to give it my all each time I am pounding the pavement. Running isn’t easy, yes that is true, but when you are driven with determination and the will to succeed, no obstacles are too big to not overcome.

Please head on over to the The Platform Magazine and read my story in detail. I hope it inspires you to chase that dream, whatever it is. Turn your dreams into reality, I do it each time I am running.



You only get one life, make it a good one!

-cheetah g


4 responses to “The runner who doesn’t give up”

  1. Trails and Ultras Avatar
    Trails and Ultras

    I have to say that I think that you’re an absolute inspiration. I often find running a struggle and I’ve not had to struggle with daily pain. How you do it, and remain grateful for being able to run is amazing. Makes me think I should get over myself and stop whining so much!

  2. littlegreenrunningshoes Avatar

    Congratulations! That is so exciting! I love reading your posts and find your story so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us and please continue to do so! Never give up!

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read it =)

  3. paloma Avatar

    i have been reading all of your posts they are all inspiring to help keep me motivated to start my goal of running a 5k. i just dont know where to start. Is there a difference between tredmill running and land running? Do I need to time my self or do distance? Any help from anyone you can email me thanks in advanced

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