Wine and Dine Half Marathon Update

I’m still going strong with my training for the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November. I am very excited for this race!!! It will be my third night run at Walt Disney World. It is a completely different experience and one must try it at least once!

I am excited to run this year’s Wine and Dine Half because it’s an anniversary year and Disney usually does something to commemorate it, either on course or swag. They recently released the medals for that race series and I must say, they look pretty sweet!! What do you think?



I am still working on getting that Half PR time! I have been picking up the pace lately and sitting comfortably at 9 minutes per mile. I usually run around 11 so I don’t tire out, but being that a half marathon is my favorite distance to run, I enjoy it and nothing really gets to me!

I am also training for the Goofy Challenge which is the half marathon, and full marathon back to back(January). It has been a little difficult because for those two races, all I am shooting for is to finish. I am trying to keep my pace under the allotted time and survive those two back to back races with no rest. So it has created a bit of a challenge training for both.

One of the reason people call me cheetah, is because I can’t run slow! It takes a lot of training to get my pace at 11+. Sounds weird right? Training to be slower? But the problem is, because of my condition, I can’t really go fast for too long before I run into trouble, like breathing. Cheetahs can hold their fast speed for a short period of time before they gotta stop and take a break. Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell! So training for 3 races, one of them being fast as my normal pace, and the other two at an even slower pace has been hard. Regardless I am getting it done, and run, run, running!

I have also decided on a costume for the Wine and Dine Half!!! Alpha and I will be…..drumroll……CHEF MICKEY AND MINNIE!!!! Surprised? Probably not, being that is the theme of the race! LOL I have always wanted to be Minnie Mouse for a race, so I will! Alpha is more game to try funky, crazy costumes for races than I am. I look for comfort, as I always have so many other things that get in my way, I don’t want to add a costume problem to that too.

I have officially entered#teamsparkle as I will wear my first Sparkle skirt!!! No tutu this time! I love this Minnie Mouse inspired running skirt they have! Feels comfortable and free!!



The race is about 3 months away, I have missed two training days due to my current hip pain. I have my KT Tape on and hoping it subsides enough to pick it up in a few days. I was sad to have missed my speed run, it’s always fun =) I have added 2 speed days of running into my training which has helped me hold a faster pace for longer periods of time. Stay tuned, I will recap training  as it gets closer to race day 😉


-cheetah g


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