Half way through to the half

It’s been a little tough for training these days. Especially being I’m training for three races and one of them I’m looking for a PR. I have been following a strict training schedule I made for myself and been able to keep up with it. Last week I was hit bad with an odd headaches. I get them almost every day due to some complication at my 2nd spinal surgery.

This headache was bad! It was excruciating pain that sent me to the ER. After not getting much help or relief (the med I needed was in a national shortage) I continued to avoid things that trigger migraines, and of course running was one of them. Being that I could barely stand up without getting a headache, I spent much of my time in bed. But no complaints here as I spent my time watching my favorite series of movies…STAR WARS.



Since I was told to do things at my leisure, little by little I got back on track. I am first focusing on my Wine and Dine Half Marathon training. The time is so close!!! I am so excited for this race! I have said it before, but I am not a super fast speedy runner, don’t let my cheetah name fool you 😉

I feel that I can finish a half marathon in a much faster time than I already do. My half times are average 3 hours. I want to shave off 15 minutes off of it. Impossible? NOPE! Not for me! I have focused on my steps and my breathing which is my biggest hurdle. I have managed to run at a 10:30 pace and be comfortable there. I still take my walk breaks when needed to let my back rest for a minute.



I had missed a long run of 9 miles last Saturday because obviously not trying to hurt myself, I didn’t jump back into training. My first run back(in new magical shoes) I went naked! GASP! Yes I did, no watch, nothing. Just getting into a rhythm trying to find my pace after not running for almost 2 weeks. I felt OK, and well enough to continue training so back to running 5 days a week. I did another 3 miles run to make sure I wasn’t pushing it and felt fine. Since I missed the 9 miles, I decided to run 6 miles on Sunday.


I used my Paceband to make sure I am on target for my half marathon target finish time. And boy was I!!! I was actually 2 minutes faster than where I needed to be! I felt good and I felt strong. I wasn’t overdoing it or forcing myself with my breathing. It felt comfortable and easy.



Running in a new pair of totally different shoes might have something to do with it. I have been running in the Asics GT-2000 but about a month ago at Track Shack‘s weekly run, I was able to test out some new shoes. since each week they have a free fun run of about 3 miles, they have shoe reps come out and bring shoes we can test and run in! How awesome is that?!? Anyway, I ran in the Saucony guide 7 and was perfect! So I obviously went back and got the shoes.



I have also started to use my endurance supplements which have helped speed up recovery, keep me energized, and running strong. If you haven’t tried Vega Sport yet I suggest you do. It’s all-natural, plant-based, gluten, dairy, and soy free! It’s the best thing since sliced bread! They sell them at various stores and you can obviously purchase them online. Just click on the photo to find out more info.


As I continue my training I will keep letting you all know of any tips and tricks to get through training. So far I am doing good and well on my way to that PR!!! I have also almost finalized our costumes for the race! These have been the most fun to do =)








-cheetah g

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