The Holiday Limited Edition

It makes me so happy to see my RunnerBox arrive at my door! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its perfect for runners! The idea is a box filled with runner goodies! You can order a gift box, a starter box, or do a 6 month/yearly subscription. Each box is unique and has different items. Anything from decals, laces, nutrition bars, and injury recovery!


Getting my RunnerBox bi monthly is always fun. I have no idea what I will get! It has certainly made training a lot easier. For my first marathon, I went everywhere looking for the best gels, hydration, and what stuff to eat. It was nuts and overwhelming. With the RunnerBox, they take care of the hard work for us. As they say, they test it and approve it themselves.

Since there is always something new coming out, or bigger and better, or improved, we can’t all keep up with it. RunnerBox takes care of that 😉 I have found some of my favorite must have products this way. It’s a great way to discover what works for you without the stress of going out and finding it.

Since we are right smack in the middle of the holidays, what perfect time than now to gift someone a RunnerBox?!?!? They have a special limited edition holiday gift box!!! I have received mine and you don’t want to miss it. It’s a great gift for that special runner you know but already has “everything”. It’s an excellent way to show your support to your runner.


The holiday gift box has an array of goodies! I have already tested and loved some of the goodies here. And I’m THRILLED that a sample pack of CogniTea is in it!!!! It’s my favorite energizing tea! Now you can all try it for yourselves and see how it improves your activity levels.

You still have time to order your RunnerBox for the holidays so head on over and see what options they have. It’s a nice gift of runner goodies made especially for your special runner 😉 And PS they have special boxes for cyclists and triathletes!

Use RURUNRB for a check out discount 😉

-cheetah g

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