We all face challenges

Everyone has challenges, many have battles we know nothing about. That is why training is so important. Sometimes things don’t happen as well plan so  with training so far in advance, we have plenty of time to try and try again. If you have a bad run, or going through a bad streak, keep trying. Change things up, run the opposite way, run at a different time of day. Try running with a local group of runners can help, as well as just your pure determination to succeed.


That is what we discussed in our latest webisode for teamASICS. Our team has been training like crazy and doing some incredible moves towards our goals. My major challenges have been overcoming the loud screams of my curving spine. It’s pain that demands to be felt and I am finding little to no relief some days. While I know my days are getting tougher, I refuse to get knocked down. I did 20 miles recently and it was the toughest distance I’ve done. Mind you, this is not my first marathon. I trained for the Goofy Challenge this time last year, which required me to run back to back long days. I would run 12 miles one day, and 20 miles the day after. And now, I am having trouble running 20.

But you all know how I do, I will NEVER, EVER, give up. It just makes things a bit more challenging for me. And looking at the positive side of this, it will make my crossing the finish line, so much MORE meaningful.


So with that, here is webisode 3 from the teamASICS New York City Marathon training.

We are talking about the biggest challenges we are facing in our training. Everyone is different and we all have the strength to overcome any challenge. It truly has been an honor to be a part of the same group as these amazing runners. They each have a unique story and are VERY motivating. Feel free to follow them as well, if you aren’t already.

Toni is at Running, Loving, Living and she has everything from recipes, to running, to staying healthy.

Linzie is at Sharp Endurance and he is just covered in awesome. Lots of fun to follow with useful tips and tricks.

Katie is at Moms Little Running Buddies, she has everything from parenting, workouts, and running!

Ethan is at TheGingerRunner and is just a blast to follow his YouTube channel. Lots of ultra, trails, and shoes!

Stay tuned as we close the gap, as we near 1 month until the most incredible race ever, at least for me! I am so ready to run my dream race and so grateful to have the best brand by my side.


-the Scoliosis runner


3 responses to “We all face challenges”

  1. Stu Avatar

    Great update!

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you.

  2. kmv2009 Avatar

    Hey Unleashed, I like your blog. I’ve had scoliosis all my life and at age 57 I’m still running. Good luck and don’t worry. It’s just another thing.

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