A gift for the holidays

Have you ever heard me mention KT Tape? Do you know what it is? KT Tape is an elastic tape that helps in muscle, ligaments, and tendon recovery. It also helps reduce swelling and pain.

You can wear it on any part of the body that has achy muscles, and even to reducing bruising! The edema applications is perfect for bruising and swelling Yes the non medicated tape has lots of uses for any person, not just runners.

I started using it about 4 years ago now, it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It is rare if there is a day and I don’t have the tape on my back somewhere. After having 4 spinal fusions, I have lots of muscle damage and weakness in and around my spine.

Since so many different muscles hurt, I change my taping method. I always have some kind of pain, sometimes so bad I can’t even walk. But on days where it can flare up, I slap on a few pieces on my back and have IMMEDIATE relief.

KT Tape

On their site, they have many colors to choose from, which by the way, the color doesn’t mean anything. It’s a question I often get. The colors and patterns are just a way to express yourself! I am so glad they come in all those colors so they can match my running gear and my mood!

KT Tape

I had tried everything to help ease my Scoliosis pain, but KT Tape has been the only thing to calm down my flare ups. My tape lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 days. It’s move naturally with my body, and it’s so light that I don’t realize it’s on. =) While at times it’s so intense that the tape doesn’t completely take the pain away, I still use it and believe in it. It lifts the skin allowing for better blood flow through the muscles. The blood is what repairs any damage done.

Click here to shop their limited edition collection


How about I offer you all a chance to win (2) rolls of KT Tape??? Let’s do a GIVEAWAY! That sounds like a good idea, right?


How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog post with what 2 colors you would want if you won and where you would place the KT Tape applications.

What you can win: (1) winner will receive (2) rolls of KT Tape

When does it end: The giveaway begins right now, until Saturday Dec, 19th at 8p.m.

Out of the comments on this post, one winner will be chosen at random to win.

Ready. Set. Go!

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38 responses to “A gift for the holidays”

  1. Claudia Avatar

    I love K tape, it helps me with my back pain from scoliosis, my running injuries, like plantar fasciitis, bruised calcareous that I had the last 2 years, as a physical therapist I tell my patients and friends how helpful K tape is. Pink and purple are my favorite colors.

  2. Kristin Avatar

    KT tape is amazing! I won’t run long runs without it on my knees! I’ve used it on my feet and ankles and my back, hips, you name it! I’m a big believer! Your calf application saved me at a half in October too! I love the red and purple!

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Congratulations Kristin! You won the KT Tape giveaway! Email me your info so I can pass it along to send you the colors you picked. gelcys@runnerunleashed.com

      1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
        Runner Unleashed

        I never heard from you, so I had to pick a new winner =(

  3. Brecka Estes Avatar
    Brecka Estes

    KT tape is the only way I can get through a long run! If I won (the orange and pink!) i’d be taping up my hamstring and ankle!

  4. Wendy Bryant Avatar
    Wendy Bryant

    Red and blue for my left knee and right ankle

  5. Tami Fox Avatar

    I love the purple and beige KT tape. I have used it for a year for shin pain pr plantar faciitis pain.

  6. Molly Avatar

    I place my trust in kt tape almost every day. I use it on whatever hurts at the moment, usually my hips or ankles. I’ve taped almost every member of my family and friends. I’ve tried every application from planters fasciitis to wrist stability to bunions. I love purple and black tape!

  7. Kasey Kerley Avatar
    Kasey Kerley

    I have become an addict! With pain in my hips and knees and back when I run I’m always taped up on runs! It’s made my marathons sooooo much more enjoyable! I also use it in the gym for shoulder and ankle issues! I love the purple and green!

  8. Beth G Avatar

    Pink and purple for my quads and shin splints.

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    I would totally rock lime and light blue, I have scoliosis too and definitely need to try it for that (and shin splints: P) nothing helps my back anymore 😦

  10. tab1975 Avatar

    I am a brand new user of KT tape! I use them for my shin splints. As I’m training for the Princess Half and Maleficent is my girl, I pick purple and green!

  11. mojmommy Avatar

    I love KT tape!! My knee loves me more because of it! If I won I love green and blue.

  12. Ken Alegre Avatar

    Yellow and Neon Green. I would use it on my foot to treat PF.

  13. Sarah VT Avatar
    Sarah VT

    Oooh…I would probably want the light blue and lime green. And my left ITB had started giving me random issues again so I would be taping up my hip and outside of my knee.

  14. Lauren Avatar

    Green and red, festive colors! I use KT tape for my SI joint pain and for ankle stability!

  15. roadshedding Avatar

    Me, me, me. Although right now i would settle for just being able to run again, if KT tape would help my knee and allow me to do that i would be ecstatic. I would choose black and black as it is very slimming, just kidding, pink because i am a girl and green because it is my favourite colour.

  16. Karen Avatar

    Pink and yellow! Nice and bright! And I’d get them on my hip and glutes like in your pic – I have chronic knee pain which it appears may well be coming from my external rotators – who’d have guessed?

  17. Sue Edwards Avatar
    Sue Edwards

    Pink and purple! Need for my shin spints!

  18. Annabel Avatar

    I love green and purple I would love to try some Kt tape to help with my knee and my shin splints… Thanks 🙂

  19. Christine Elle Artman Avatar
    Christine Elle Artman

    I love Kttape need it for Knees yep knees. I change the colors up to match my outfit. Yellow and red😉

  20. Christine Elle Artman Avatar
    Christine Elle Artman

    For my knees yellow and red

  21. HDW Avatar

    I have runner’s knee and use KT Tape to help my knee cap track properly. It works! I’ve also used it on my ankles and shin splints. I was wearing it in three different places during the NYC Marathon. I’ve never had orange or royal blue 🙂

  22. Jillian Avatar

    I use KT tape where it hurts. Usually my back from scoliosis, or on my knee for IT band fun.
    Purple and Blue would be my colors of choice.

  23. 50in50marathonquest Avatar

    I’ve used it for PF and Achilles issues and it has really helped…I should probably consider it on my calf that is weaker and probe to fatigue and pain during marathon training though that would require potentially extensive shaving!! I’ll take blue and green unless you’re giving away those cool camo colored ones 🙂

  24. dmmagrini Avatar

    KT tape changed my life!! I used it to help heal my plantar fasciitis and I still tape one of my ankles every time I run for added stability. Plan to visit the expo to stock up in January….Disney! My first full marathon! Lime and purple are my favorites.

  25. Kim Avatar

    I love KT tape. I started using it for PF and it makes my feet, calves and shins feel amazing. Lately I’ve been having some lower back pain that makes me feel over 100 years old, I literally cannot stand up to walk. I decided to throw a piece across my lower back and I instantly felt fine! Best stuff ever! I love the black, green, aqua, purple and pink…yeah, a bit indecisive. 🙂 If I had to pick two, I’d go with green and purple!

  26. triharder71 Avatar

    Bright green & bright blue!!! My shins and sometimes my back/shoulder… I have a small test thing of kt tape (came in a race bag) I am hope to try out on Saturday morning for a good run.

  27. Fawn Thurston Avatar
    Fawn Thurston

    Lime green and black. Use it on my scoliosis and on my left knee

  28. Amanda Avatar

    I love KT Tape! I use it in my foot all the time for bunions and plantar fasciitis. I love pink and black

  29. April Beck Avatar
    April Beck

    I just had my calf taped with KT tape too. I’ve been training to run my first half marathon with my Dad! I use KT Tape PRO for full knee support as well this stuff is amazing. I would rock the purple and lime green!

  30. Pippa @ Pip in Motion Avatar

    I had no idea KT tape was so effective, I’ve been using boring old zinc oxide tape but this sounds amazing! I’d love pink and blue if I won 🙂 I’d put it on my feet as I have plantar fasciitis and it’s really messing with my running progress.

  31. Casey Avatar

    I am a college athlete and am running everyday trying to get better! I would love red and purple if I did win! I would put the tape on my knees since they are going downhill.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      You have won Casey! The original winner never contacted me so I randomly picked again and you won. Please email me your info gelcys@runnerunleashed.com so I can get you your rolls. Please do so by 2p.m. tomorrow!!

  32. aarika pereira Avatar
    aarika pereira

    I would love blue and pink. I have been flying through this stuff on my knees lately. Trying to get back into my wedding dress after gaining marathon pounds! Body is taking a beating!

  33. Sarah Owens Avatar

    I’m a new user of KT tape but I use to for shin pain and IT band pain! I like blue and purple!

  34. trailbitch Avatar

    Light blue & purple for my quads.

  35. Jen Avatar

    I just broke my right ankle and left big toe while running last sat. I would use it in my knee and ankle when it heals. I love this stuff! Hot pink and lime green please!

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