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You all have heard me talk about Vega right? The clean, plant-based nutrition that fuels you before, during and after a run? You know, the one that tastes DELICIOUS and speeds up recovery time? The shakes that reduce muscle inflammation, and give your body the nutrients and minerals it needs? Yeah that one! Well they are going to do something pretty epic for 2016 and I get to bring you all the info here and direct!

They are pretty active on social media, as am I, and they want to see more of YOU. They are very active in helping everyone finding the best versions of themselves. Vega, as well as myself, want you to b a part of the #BestLifeProject. They want to see the BEST way you live your life and how you enjoy it!!!! Find out all about it here.



Here’s another question for you all, do you like taking road trips? Or have always wanted to? OHHH! How about a direct flight to a luxurious resort in the mountains? Does that sound like the perfect adventure you’d love to do with your BFF? Or feet in the sand with a margarita in your hand as the waves from the ocean crash?

I’ve always wanted to take my BFF and head on a road trip to a log cabin deep in the woods. Take a hike up some mountains and maybe run a few miles around a big lake. that just sounds like a great girls getaway to me!

GUESS WHAT!?!?!? Here is your chance to WIN a trip valued at $4500- fueled with $500- worth of Vega products!

No matter what your dream getaway may be, you can make it happen by entering the contest here.

Share the love contest

If you are like me, you are always finding ways to give back to those whom you appreciate. Especially your best friends who are there through thick and thin. The ones who are there to make you laugh when you rather cry, and the ones who help you forget your last dating disaster. Why don’t you enter the contest and possibly win and take your BFF on a trip they’ll never forget!?!?! All you have to do is Share the Love to enter. Make sure you read the sweepstakes rules to see how you can gain bonus entries. The contest ends on February 29th. Don’t miss out on making your BFF and you smile =)

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One response to “#BestLifeProject Share the love”

  1. Anna @ Piper's Run Avatar

    My husband (who’s a vegan) got me into Vega, love their stuff.

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