Run. Patch. Rest

So yesterday I went running with Alpha and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. As usual, we goofed around and had fun. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. The temps were cool and the breeze made it feel cooler, at least for Orlando. LOL

We went out for an easy 6 miles and did not push it because my rotated ribs were screaming at me. I didn’t do too much, and maintained a good easy pace. But with each breath I took, it hurt. This problem is due to my Scoliosis because since my spine is twisted and still doing so, it rotates my ribs hence the pain.

Once we got home I did my usual, I drank my vega and stretched. I went about my day and struggled and my pains kept getting worse. Woke up today with an odd pain on my leg. It’s bruised and swollen like someone had punched me. And no, I didn’t bump into anything or anything like that. I starting having minor issues with my fibro so I jumped into an Epsom Salt bath for some relief. I had been limping all day and decided to call on KT Tape for some help.

Rather than doing an edema application, I decided to use one of their newer patches, the recovery patch. It is pretty easy to apply and it helps with reducing the swelling and bruising for injuries. This patch is an easy 2 step application that has the instructions right on the back of the tape.


Today I also used their compression therapy kit which is soooo helpful to just strap on and keep it in place. I only used the ice, even though it has ice and heat therapy. But boy it helped. I’m not limping as much and I can be more comfortable. I’m so glad such thing as KT Tape exist!!!

I have been resting and will continue to rest. Tomorrow will probably have the same outcome. My medical sidekick, aka my medical alert dog, alerted me to a migraine today too so I  listen to whatever she says.








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