Scoliosis Awareness Month comes to an end.

As the month of June comes to an end, that means Scoliosis awareness month also comes to an end. I did lots of posts and information on instagram and twitter. I wrote several posts here on information about this painful disease that will drop you to your knees. And the best ways to deal with the pain.

While again, I continue to reiterate that there are no two cases the same, everyone handles it differently. Obviously everyone has a different degree curvature as well and everyone’s pain and severity is also unique but know that we are all here for each other. I wrote this special piece over on The Mighty , that seems to have gotten lots of positive and have helped many of those suffering from Scoliosis. Take a gander if you’d like to. Read it here.

Just remember your strengths and not your weakness. Scoliosis is a VERY powerful pain but you are stronger than it and you overcome it every day. Share your struggles and what having Scoliosis entails. The more we share and talk about it, the more awareness we bring and hopefully the more can be done.

Even though the month is over, my mission to bring awareness to Scoliosis is not. I will continue to fight my battle because mine only grows tougher as I grow physically weaker. I have a long road ahead of me but I will continue to fight. I intend to bring as much awareness to Scoliosis and all that it brings. I hope little to none of you suffer the pain as much as I do, because yes, in an honest moment here…I make it look easier than it really is. Keep fighting Scoliosis warriors. You guys are the true heroes!






Stay strong Scoliosis warriors!

-the Scoliosis runner


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