Run the day, don’t let the day run you.

Sometimes in life you can’t predict what will happen to you. Sometimes in life you surprise yourself. Bottom line, you never know what is going to happen.  That is why you should always be unstoppable.

Life is tough so why make it tougher? Lately it has been a ridiculously rough bump for me. Between the double seizures, and me falling and the recent findings in my leg, I could totally be in a dark hole and never come out. But that’s just not me.

I choose the light, the colors, the rainbows, the positivity. =) That is what gets me moving forward and keeps me fighting against my diseases. I’ll be honest though, It’s not easy and not every day is rainbows, but I try to be.

About 2 weeks ago my odd pain made me fall on the ground and shortly after I had 2 seizures. I went to the hospital. I was there 1 night and they ran a bunch of tests. I found I have significant and permanent nerve damage.

Today I finally decided that I was strong enough to be the person that I truly am. The unstoppable dreamer I’ve always been. I took out my numb and nerve damaged leg out for a “test run” to see how it felt. and it felt OK! I didn’t expect a miracle so there was some discomfort. I am on a new medication that will take time to work but I am feeling stronger and I believe in myself and I know that I will be at it in no time.


It took a lot of strength and courage to get out there and run today and I have tons of strength but with the courage I was a little shaky. It definitely is a lot tougher to pick yourself back up after you fall, especially after you fall over and over again. But the secret is to never give up. I never do.

Today I didn’t have the greatest of runs, but a great thing happened….I WAS RUNNING. I couldn’t run before and wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to. But I am very motivated and very determined to continue with my dream. And today and I made sure that I accomplished my goal.



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